What's required to get a car insurance quote?

Getting a car insurance quote can be very simple, and should not take more than 2 – 3 minutes. It can take even less if you have the key facts at your fingertips, such as your car registration number. You would be amazed at how many people do not know this essential piece of information by heart. So many people seeking a quote say things like: “12 D something something something!” If you have your car registration number handy, our quotation system will be able to call up your exact model in an instant, without having to scroll through the many different makes and models.

Dates are also important to know. You need to know the dates of birth of anyone you want to add on as drivers to your policy, the dates on which they passed their driving test, and whether they passed their test in the last 5 years.

More and more insurance companies now ask for the number of your driving license. While this is not an actual requirement when seeking a quotation, you will eventually need to know this number in order to get cover.

  • It will speed the quotation process if you can answer the following questions:
  • Your no claims bonus – is it current? Is it earned or mirrored? For how many years have you been claims free?
  • What is your estimated annual mileage in kilometres?
  • What is your address, occupation and area of employment or work?
  • Where is the vehicle kept and used?
  • Have there been any modifications made to your car?
  • What is the expiry or renewal date of your current car insurance policy?
  • Is your car for business use or private use?
  • Do you or any driver have any previous driving convictions?
  • How many penalty points do you and the other drivers have?
  • You can obtain a speedy car insurance quote here on our website, or you can call our friendly staff on 042 935 9000.