Can I Get Car Insurance with Endorsements on my License?

Caeva O'Callaghan | March 16th, 2023

When you get points on your license, insurance companies will consider you a higher risk – but can you still get insured?

Yes. You will still be able to get car insurance even with endorsements on your driving license. Having endorsements on your license does not prohibit you from driving, so you need to make sure your vehicle is insured.

Endorsements, or points, are given in the event of a driving offence. It’s best to give us a ring if this is your situation, because insurance premiums will vary.

In this article, we’ll cover the following questions:

  • What are driving license endorsements?
  • Do I have to disclose endorsements?
  • What happens to my insurance when I get endorsements?

You need to disclose any driving offences or convictions to your insurance provider as soon as they occur.

What are driving license endorsements?

An endorsement on your driving licence means that you have been given points which will remain on your licence until they expire. Endorsements can last from four to eleven years, depending on the type of offence committed.

You may receive a fine as well as endorsements when you break the law. It’s easy to check the penalty points on your licence online.

If you got penalty points abroad or already have endorsements on your driving licence before arriving in Ireland, any penalty points or endorsements will not transfer over to your new Irish driving licence.

However, if you’ve been disqualified from driving in another country in addition to receiving a prison sentence for driving offences, you probably won’t be able to exchange your full foreign driving licence for the Irish equivalent.

The situation is different between Ireland and the UK (including Northern Ireland) for driving disqualifications, so it’s best to call us up to find out how these rules affect you.

Do I have to disclose endorsements?

Absolutely. It’s a crime to withhold vital information from your insurer, including any previous offences or convictions. Failing to do so is insurance fraud, and will land you in much hotter water than a few points on your license.

You need an experienced broker to guide you through the process of buying car insurance when you have penalty points on your license. The more information you can provide, the lower the quotation is likely to be.

Bear in mind, not all companies that quote for convicted drivers are available on our online car insurance calculator. We have access to more companies who may be able to provide you a better deal, but to access these lower prices it’s much better to enquire over the phone.

What happens to my insurance when I get endorsements?

Your insurance premium is highly likely to go up when you disclose penalty points on your license, as you will be seen as a higher risk on the road. Unless you offset these costs by switching to an endorsements-friendly provider, you’ll be paying more out of pocket.

In general, insurance companies will calculate your premium based partly on the nature and number of your offences. If they are serious offences or if you have a lot, insurance will be much more costly.

Again, it’s vital you notify your car insurance provider when you get points on your license. Being intentionally dishonest about your driving record will almost certainly impact your ability to make a successful claim.

Of course, if you’ve gained penalty points for driving without insurance, these offences will not only affect how much you pay later on but if a provider is willing to take you on at all. Along with a fixed penalty, you can get six points on your licence for driving uninsured. Not only that, but the Gardaí have the power to seize, and in some cases, destroy your car.

Talk to our car insurance experts about any endorsements you may have received

If you have endorsements or penalty points on your license get in touch with our car insurance experts and we can help find the right cover for your situation. You can talk to us Mon-Fri between 8.30am and 5.30pm on 0818 224433 or 042 9359051.

Alternatively, if you are looking for an immediate quote, you can use our car insurance quote online, which checks the Irish market based on your information.

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