How to Get Cheap Car Insurance – 9 Factors That Can Help

Caeva O'Callaghan | May 26th, 2022

Let’s face it. More needs to be done to bring down the cost of car insurance in Ireland. Unfortunately, getting cheap car insurance involves many factors.

Personal Injuries Settlements and the Cost of Car Insurance

Our CEO, Caeva O’Callaghan has been an outspoken advocate for the reform of the Personal Injuries system in Ireland.

How to Get a Cheaper Car Insurance Quote

Outside of changes to Personal Injury legislation, what can you do to reduce your car insurance premium?

1. Get a smaller car – Smaller engined vehicles normally are cheaper to insure.

If you drive a smaller car your policy is likely to be cheaper. Therefore, think about buying a smaller vehicle.

2. Buy a newer car – Significant savings can be made.

Old cars cost more to insure. The trend that we see is that car insurance companies prefer to insure newer cars. Car Insurance Quotes for relatively new cars reflect this by being cheaper than quotes for older cars.
As a result, look at the cost of buying a newer car while considering the cheaper insurance quotes you will receive.

3. Don’t drive an electric car.

Electric cars and hybrids are more expensive to insure. Insurance companies say that the cost of repair is higher for these cars. Therefore, this must be reflected in their policy quote.

4. Become middle-aged – middle-aged people have cheaper car insurance

Well, generally people over 25 have cheaper car insurance.  If you are under 25 you probably consider people over 25 consider middle-aged.
If you are a young driver, although you can’t do anything about it now. You may get some satisfaction that in years to come you may be paying less for car insurance.

5. Move to Donegal

Fantastic cliffs and cheap car insurance. Areas with less traffic and lower levels of crime will help bring your car insurance.
Therefore, moving to an area with those criteria may help to reduce your car insurance quote.

6. Get a boring job – Office workers who don’t drive for a living get cheaper quotes.

So, when you have been asked by your boss to alphabetically file last years orders. Just remember that you are likely to have cheaper car insurance than the flashy salesperson upstairs.

7. Nul Points  – No points on your licence

Self-explanatory. It’s not the Eurovision so no penalty points are a good thing with respect to cheaper car insurance quotes.

8. Have a No Claims bonus – substantial reductions here

Some insurers give no-claims discounts of over 70%. As you can see substantial savings can be made.

9. Compare Car Insurance Quotes

It’s common sense. Get car insurance quotes from multiple insurers. Therefore, you can select the best quote.
Use Quote Engine to Get the Best Car Insurance Quote

Personal Injury Settlements – Car Insurance Prices

As you can see, for some instances you can’t do much about your situation. It’s not practical or possible to change the type of work you do or where you live.
However, by reforming Person Injury legislation and also reducing insurance fraud can help everybody who is looking for a cheaper insurance policy.

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