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Types of Home Insurance

What protection do you need?

Buildings Only

Contents Only

Buildings & Contents

All Risks Protection

Other key benefits

Suitable for landlords and owners of vacant houses.

What is a building? As well as the structure of your house, your buildings also include your garage, sheds, patio, boundary wall and gate. Your TV Ariel or satellite dish is also covered under your buildings section. All of your sanitary wear, built in wardrobes, kitchen, utility kitchen, drainage systems including septic tank are all covered by your home insurance policy under the buildings section.

When insuring your home, one of the first questions you will be asked is your building sum insured. This is not the value of your home. Your building sum insured is the amount it will cost to clear your site and rebuild (reinstate) your home in the unfortunate event of a total loss. A great resource to assist you in determining your building sum insured can be found here at the SCSI website. It is updated regularly which is critically important during times of inflation. It will also help you with adding on peripheral structures such as boundary walls, electronic gates and sheds.

Buildings insurance will be required if you have or if you are taking out a mortgage on your home. Your mortgage provider will want proof of your policy and will likely want its interest noted on your policy schedule. This is absolutely no problem and very easy and fast for us to arrange. Do not let this requirement prevent you from shopping around for your home insurance and, in particular, your building insurance cover.

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Suitable for people in rented residential properties.

If you were able to turn your home upside down, everything that falls out is considered ’contents’. Furniture is the first thing that springs to mind but consider things like your clothes, sports equipment, paintings, household goods, white goods – all very expensive to replace in the event of a total loss.

A contents only policy will provide you with peace of mind – if your home is burgled, suffers damage from a fire, smoke or storm, at least you can be assured that you will be financially compensated to help you replace your possessions.

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Suitable for people who both own and live in their residential property

Insure both your buildings and contents on the same policy. It’s the most cost effective and straightforward way to insure your most important assets – your home and your possessions. Essentially it combines and integrates the protection set out under the ‘buildings only’ and ‘contents only’ sections.

Some homeowners have traditionally split out their home cover into two separate policies. They have their home buildings insured with their mortgage provider and have their contents insured with their insurance broker. This is often done for speed when drawing down the mortgage. The buildings insurance policy automatically renews with the mortgage provider each year.

And it’s the rollover nature of the direct debit with your mortgage provider that exposes you to paying the premium year after year – without checking out alternatives. Our job as an insurance broker is to shop around and checkout these alternatives. All aimed at making a real saving and securing you the most suitable insurance protection. It’s very easy and quick to take out a combined building and contents insurance policy. Give us a call and we will quote you immediately. We can incept cover straightaway over the phone. We’ll note the interest of your mortgage provider on your policy schedule and send confirmation of this directly to your lender.

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For Your Higher Value Items

You can easily add on items to your home insurance policy for “All Risks” cover. This literally means what it says. The item is covered for whatever happens to it anywhere in the world. The key point is that the cover extends outside of your own home. The following is a typical example.

An engagement ring. To add on an engagement ring valued at €5,000 for all risks cover will cover that ring for anything that might happen to it, wherever it might be.

Say you are on holidays in Spain and notice that a stone is missing from your ring. The stone could have fallen out anywhere – in Ireland, on the plane, at the airport, on the beach in Spain – and you have no idea. Since your engagement ring is noted on your policy for All Risks Cover, the stone will be replaced for you.

Or, maybe you lost your entire ring and you have no idea where it dropped off your finger. Maybe you left it behind in a public rest room while washing your hands? No worries – the ring will be replaced once it is covered for All Risks.

Other high value items that you might need all risks cover include bicycles, hearing aids, designer handbags, watches, mobile tech devices and jewellery.

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  • Fire Brigade Charges – included on all building and combined home insurance policies. The amount differs depending on the insurance company. Talk to us and we can give you the details of your cover.
  • Alternative Accommodation – included on all home insurance policies – even if you have a contents only policy. If your home become uninhabitable due to an insurable event such as a fire, flood etc. - your policy will provide cover for alternative accommodation.
  • Emergency Assistance – this is a great feature provided by most home insurance companies. If you have a sudden leak – you can call a helpline and they will get a plumber to you quickly to stop the leak and then to fix the problem before your home and some of your contents are damaged or destroyed. This covers all types of domestic emergencies and not just leaks.
  • Liability cover for visitors and domestic employees – if somebody was to get injured while in your home and held you liable, your home insurance company would investigate the incident, defend you if necessary and pay any damages.
  • Moving house – your contents are automatically covered whilst being moved to your new home – conditions apply depending on your insurance company.
  • New locks and keys to your external doors if your keys are stolen.
  • Frozen food is covered should your freezer breakdown.
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