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Home Insurance

We offer the home insurance cover options you want and deal with twelve of Ireland’s leading insurance providers. Home insurance cover starting from €208*. Fill in the required details below, compare your quotes and then call us to finalise.

*Price is based on a 52 year-old in Wexford. House built in 2001. €140,000 buildings cover, €25,000 contents cover claims-free for 3 years with a burglar alarm.

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We will help you find a fantastic home insurance policy at a highly competitive price.

They say that “Home is where the heart is.” And it’s true. Your home is far more than just four walls and a roof. It’s a place of safety and comfort, and is also the place that houses your most precious possessions. Can you imagine how it might feel if the worst case scenario happened, and your home and belongings were destroyed beyond repair?

That’s why Home Insurance is one of the most urgent and important decisions you will need to make when you are a home owner or you rent your property. The trick is to make sure that you have the right level of Buildings and/or Contents cover. To help you choose the most appropriate cover, you will find our easy-to-use Rebuilding Cost Evaluation Guide when you are going through your online quote. We quote competitively for homeowners, landlords, tenants and holiday homes.

House Insurance covers your house + contents (furniture, carpets, appliances, TV, ornaments, etc) as well as your personal effects (clothing, other articles likely to be worn or carried, sports equipment, bicycles, etc).

  • We will give you Home Insurance quotes from 8 Insurance Companies in Ireland.
  • Protect Your Contents – up to €150,000.
  • Protect Your Building – up to €1,000,000.
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  • Choice of ways of getting Home Insurance Cover: Click, call us, or drop into a branch.

The simple way to find the right Home Insurance for you

It could not be easier to get a Home Insurance quote, and we promise to put you on cover as effortlessly as possible. Once you choose which online quote you want, you can request a “call me” and discuss the product with our qualified staff.

If you prefer to speak to someone instead of looking for a quote online, simply request a “call me.” We will call you at a time that suits you, and over the phone we will walk you through the options, explaining to you the relative benefits of the different policies on offer.

Compare prices before you choose which offer suits your needs

Naturally, you want to spend as little as possible on Home Insurance. But you also want to be sure that you have a made the right choice. This can involve a lot of research. To make life easier for you, and to make your search for inexpensive Home Insurance in Ireland shorter and more effective, we recommend that you avail of the Quoteme.ie comparison website.

After you input all relevant information into the website, our unique search engine presents you with Home Insurance premiums offered by different insurance companies. Now you can compare the offers and make your choice.

Quoteme.ie also has a team of personable insurance professionals ready to answer any questions you may have regarding your insurance package. Simply access our online chat service.

Every little bit helps when looking for the best and cheapest home insurance package:

One of the most significant factors that can affect the price of your insurance premium is how you maintain your house:

  • By fitting your home with more advanced heating, electrical, plumbing and security systems, you increase your chances of being offered cheaper insurance premiums.
  • By ensuring you do everything you can to ensure that your home is safeguarded, such as installing smoke and burglar alarm systems, also increase your chances of securing cheaper premiums.
  • Insurers will also offer a discount for homeowners with a claims-free history. If you maintain a claims-free record for a specified number of years, you will be offered a no-claims discount each year when you renew your policy.
  • Don’t be shy about asking insurers for any additional discounts available, and making sure that you qualify for any other discount that is going.

It pays to be prepared and pro-active.

And that means comparing what various Home Insurance providers in Ireland are offering. In the event of unexpected theft or damage to your property, having home insurance will offer you much needed financial assistance. It can be quite tricky trying to navigate your way alone among the different Home Insurance providers.

And that’s where QuoteMe.ie comes in – by allowing you to compare policy features, benefits and premiums offered by number of Insurance Companies operating in Ireland, all of them regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

More than just Bricks and Mortar

Home Insurance protects the bricks and mortar of your home, and offers your financial protection in the event of natural disasters such as fire, water damage, storm, earthquake, lightning and vandalism.

But Home Insurance is more than just about the four walls and roof of your house. Depending on your policy, it can also cover your garage, your patio and any other outbuildings. It’s worth chatting with our team of professionals at QuoteMe.ie in order to ensure that everything you have is covered adequately.

Some of the eventualities covered by Home Insurance

  • Fire, theft, water damage
  • Lightning strikes a power line leading into your house, causing a fire.
  • Subsidence of the ground on which your home stands.
  • Your hot water heater explodes.
  • Your hot water tank bursts in your hot press, damaging all of your bed linen and towels.
  • Your hot water tank leaks.
  • A tree falls through your roof during a storm.
  • Pipes burst due to frost damage.
  • Water damage caused by leaking central heating or appliances.
  • A storm blows down your TV aerial or satellite dish.
  • A child accidently sets a bed on fire and ruins the entire bed and soft furnishings.
  • Your Christmas tree bursts into flame, destroying your entire living room contents.
  • A burglar breaks in and steals your TV, ipod, laptop and ransacks your house.
  • Your oil tank leaks and pollutes part of your garden and foundations.
  • When you arrange your Home Insurance with Quoteme.ie, you will no longer have to worry about the unpredictable. The financial problems created by random accidents and perils will not force you out of your home permanently. Most Home Insurance policies in Ireland cover you and your family if you home become inhabitable due to an insured event.

    What Contents of your home are covered by Home Insurance?

  • Replacement of locks if the keys have been stolen from your house.
  • Damage or theft of visitors’ personal possessions.
  • Fire Brigade Charges.
  • Employers Liability for all domestic employees.
  • Public Liability, in case someone takes an action against you following an injury in your home or garden.
  • Get online home insurance quotes now. Click QuoteMe.ie/home-insurance- quotes or call us on 0818 22 44 33. We will be able to provide you a range of policies from which to choose.

    What Does Home Insurance Protect?

    Each home insurance policy is different, but standard policies usually provide:

  • Damage to your house and any permanent structures on your property.
  • Damage to your personal property due to causes specified in your policy.
  • Limited cover for items like stolen jewellery, watches or missing stones from rings etc. Cover amounts vary depending on your policy, insurer and whether you have noted individual items under the all risks section.
  • Useful definitions

    Buildings Insurance

    Your buildings are included in your house insurance policy and include your garage, detached or attached, garden shed and boundary wall or fences and gates. It is important to ensure that your sums insured are correct. We recommend the use of the rebuild guide that is maintained by the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland.

    Insurance Calculator

    We also have a rebuild calculator as part of our online quotation process. You will need to know the size of your house – either in square feet or square meters – before using the calculator.

    Contents Insurance

    Calculator We also have a rebuild calculator as part of our online quotation process. You will need to know the size of your house – either in square feet or square meters – before using the calculator.