Insurance for Unoccupied Homes, Unoccupied Properties and Unoccupied Commercial Buildings

We can offer you a policy specifically designed to cater for all types of unoccupied properties. Maybe the building is in Probate?, being refurbished, owner moving to a nursing home, up for sale, recently refurbished or up for rent. Whatever the reason for the property being unoccupied, we have a policy designed for you.

Our Vacant Property Policy covers the following as standard:

  • Fire, Lightening, Explosion, Impact and Property Owners Liability.
  • For a very small additional premium, you may add on cover for contents, storm, flood, glass and sanitary wear plus malicious damage.
  • Our Vacant Home Insurance Policy is underwritten by a German A-rated Insurance Company called Ergo.
  • When the property eventually becomes occupied, the policy will continue and wider cover will be offered such as material damage all risks to both buildings and contents.

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Do I need to arrange insurance on an Unoccupied Home?

  • Probate? House put up for rent? Owner moving to residential care? All cases where an unoccupied Home insurance policy may be required.
  • Your `standard Home Insurance policy won't cover these properties. You need specialist cover.
  • Our unoccupied Home insurance is provided by Ergo- a German 'A' rated insurer