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Car Insurance FAQ

We know that having to find accurate information on all manner of questions about car insurance can be something of a minefield. Over the years, the professionals at have provided informative answers to the questions posed by thousands of our customers. Based on these questions, we have learned what are the most frequent issues that people ask about. In order to take the hassle out of car insurance, we have compiled this helpful car insurance FAQ section. We would greatly appreciate your feedback about how useful you found it.

Policy Documents & Claim Forms

It’s probably inevitable that just when you really need key documents, phone numbers or policy details, you can’t find them. It’s also inevitable that when you are looking for this information, you are likely to be frustrated and flustered – making your search even longer. That’s why we suggest that you read the details on our car insurance policy documents and claim forms page today, before you need this information. We also suggest that you print out this page. Keep the printout in the glove compartment of the car – so you will always know where to find the vital information you need.

Accidents & Breakdowns

There are few things in life more upsetting than finding yourself in a car accident. Whether the accident was caused by you, by another driver or by a pedestrian, the feeling is the same: “Why me?” Our advice to you is: Don’t panic. These days, almost everyone has a camera on their mobile – so use it. Keep your cool, so you don’t do anything that could invalidate your car insurance policy. We suggest you make a note of the information on our accidents and breakdowns page, and keep it handy for when you need it.

Why To Find Insurance For Your Car?

We know how tricky it can be trying to hunt down the right insurance policy to tick all the boxes, especially when everybody’s circumstances are different. To get you going faster, we’ve given you the ability to compare quotes from our range of participating car insurance companies without having to go back and forth to their websites.

We shop around for your car insurance from companies such as Aviva and Allianz

Cover for young and old!

Whether you’re a first-time driver or have years under your belt, there’s plenty to think about when it comes to motor insurance. Depending on your age and driving history, the kinds of premiums and policy variances you can expect could differ dramatically. Drivers under the age of 25 may encounter higher premiums than pensioners for example, as more car accidents happen to drivers in this age bracket on our roads than any other. can help you compare a range of car insurance quotes online.

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Car Insurance Renewal

By law, your car insurance company must issue you with details of your insurance renewal terms at least 15 working days, or 3 weeks, before your current car insurance policy is due for renewal. You should also receive your certificate of No Claims Bonus which you will need if you wish to move your policy to another insurance company or broker.

The “terms” of your renewal should include:

  • The details of the car due for renewal including the registration number
  • Any restrictions that apply to the policy – new and existing
  • Any change to the policy
  • The premium
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Receiving your car insurance renewal notice is often a good reminder to check out your cover and make sure that it adequately suits your needs. Check that your policy includes all of the extras such as free windscreen cover, driving other cars, breakdown assistance and protected no claims bonus.

Check too that you have the right people named on your policy. If you no longer need named drivers to use your car, ring your insurer to get a revised (lower) price with them removed from your policy.

Car Insurance renewal date also means payment date. There are no “days of grace” on motor insurance policies. It is very important that the policy is renewed or alternative cover is arranged elsewhere before your renewal date. Otherwise you will be driving without insurance.

The penalty for driving without insurance in Ireland is a fine of up to €5,000, 5 penalty points and the vehicle will be impounded if it is in a public place. Instead of imposing 5 penalty points, the offender could be disqualified from driving for 2 years. A pretty stiff penalty so well worth getting your car insurance renewal finalised in advance of your renewal date.

Many people now pay for their car insurance by instalments instead of making one payment upfront.

No Claims Bonus Explained

A No Claims Bonus is when you do not make any claims on your motor insurance policy in a particular year.

What is the benefit of a No Claims Bonus

By making no claims from your motor insurance company, you can save up to 30% each year on your car insurance premiums. For every year that you make no claims, you accrue a No Claims Bonus. So if you continue to make no claims for up to five consecutive years, your savings could reach as high as 60%. Some motor insurance policies even allow accumulated No Claims Bonus of up to nine years.

For the sake of clarification, it is important to remember that by claim, we mean any claim - whether the damage that you are claiming was caused by you or by another party. Let’s say, for example, in a particular year your vehicle catches fire, or a car driven by a driver who is uninsured crashes into you. In these circumstances, not only would you probably forfeit your No Claims Bonus in that year, it may also cause the existing No Claims Bonus that you have earned to be stepped back by two years, or even to zero.

You are eligible to earn a No Claims Bonus on all types of insured vehicles: cars, vans, tractors or commercial vehicles. You are also eligible for No Claims Bonus on any type of cover, whether it’s fully comprehensive, third party, or third party fire and theft.

Once you reach the five-year (or more) limit for No Claims Bonus, you will no longer receive any further discount if you continue to make no claims. However, it is highly advisable to continue making no claims, as this will help you retain your existing discount.

How much can I save with my No Claims Bonus?

Generally speaking, your motor insurer will give you a set percentage discount for each consecutive year that you are claims free.

In fact, just one year's worth of no claims could be worth up to 30% off your premium.

Earn one, two, three, four or five years continuous no claims by driving claims free and your discount could be in the region of 60% off your premium!

What is a no claims bonus?

If don't claim on your motor insurance policy, you will start to accrue a no claims bonus/discount for every year that you have had insurance on a car without making a claim. It is important to note that it matters whether or not you make a claim, not whether it was your fault or not.

Say, for instance your car went on fire or you were hit by an uninsured driver and you had to claim, in most instances you may not be able to earn a no claims bonus for that year. Furthermore, your existing bonus, that you have earned, may be stepped back by two years or even to zero.

You can earn no claims on all types of motor insurance policies – car, van, commercial vehicle, tractor and on all types of cover --(third party, third party fire and theft, and fully comprehensive.

No claims bonuses/discounts reduce your car insurance premium. Normally you can earn no claims discounts for up to five consecutive years (although some insurers will let you earn it for up to nine years!).

Subsequent years of no claims won't reduce your premium any further, although not claiming will safeguard the level of bonuses/discount you have.

How much does my no claims bonus save me?

Your annual renewal premium is reduced by a set percentage. The percentage depends on the number of years you have been driving claims free. No Claims bonus/discounts vary between insurers, but the average no claims bonus/discount scale starts at:

Although different insurers offer different discounts, the rule of thumb for No Claims Bonus is as follows:

Years Reduction
1 10%
2 20%
3 30%
4 40%
5 50%

Do I forfeit my No Claims Bonus even when i'm not at fault?

Generally speaking, the answer is yes, you do forfeit your No Claims Bonus. Say for instance your car was stolen. You would need to make a claim, and your bonus could be lost. There is one exception. Your insurer may allow you to retain your No Claims Bonus even if you make a claim – when your insurer successfully recovers all costs from the insurer of the other party.

If you do not have insurance in your own name for 2 years, your NCB lapses.

What can I do to protect my No Claims Bonus?

Some motor insurance insurers allow you to protect your No Claims Bonus, on the basis that a stolen car is not the fault of the policyholder. These companies may allow you to retain your No Claims Bonus in the event of theft.

Other motor insurance companies allow you to pay an extra premium in order to fully protect your No Claims Bonus. However, there are often built-in limits, such as no claim exceeding €10,000, or no two claims within three years, and so on.

We highly recommend that you call us at and talk through the options that work best for you. We will help you choose the level of No Claims protection suitable for you.

What is a 'Mirrored No Claims Bonus'?

A mirrored no claims bonus is often used when a person who already has earned a bonus on a car policy, decides to buy a van or commercial vehicle.

Are named drivers eligible for a No Claims Bonus?

In normal circumstances, named drivers are not eligible for their own No Claims Bonus with a standard car insurance policy. But the good news is that there are some motor insurers that do allow named drivers to earn their own No Claims Bonus. This will come in very useful if and when the named driver later decides to take out their own car insurance policy.

Driving on Irish Roads

Driving Licence

International and Foreign Students are permitted to drive in Ireland, using the Licence granted by their home country, for up to 12 months. If your stay in Ireland will be more than 12 months you can apply for an Irish driving licence.

A foreign Licence cannot be exchanged for an Irish Driving Licence. This means that you will need to go through the full driver licensing procedure.

You must first complete a Driver Theory Test to obtain a Learner Permit. The Learner Permit will allow you to drive in Ireland when you are accompanied by holder of a Full Irish Driving Licence.

You must then apply for your Driving Test and when you pass this test you will be given a Full Irish Driving Licence.

All first time applicants for a Learner Permit must take an eye examination. This test must be given by an optician practicing in Ireland.

Irish Driving Licence

To apply for the Irish driver's test you should contact the following:

Road Safety Authority
Moy Business Park
Primrose Hill

Tel :(096) 25000
Locall:1890 506 080
Fax:(096) 25252

The forms which must be completed to apply both for both the driving test and a learners permit or full Licence are available from Garda (police stations) nationwide.

Owning a Car in Ireland

Motor Tax

If you intend driving your car in public places, you must pay motor tax and display proof on the front windscreen of your car. The rates of motor tax vary from car to car and we would recommend that you check the rate applicable to your car before you decide to purchase it. In 2008, the method of calculating car tax changed from engine size to the amount of CO2 omissions produced by the vehicle.

Click here to find out the rate for your car.

Motor tax can be paid annually, half yearly or quarterly.


The minimum insurance you must have before you drive in Ireland is Third Party Only cover. Most people spend a little extra to add on Fire and Theft cover or Fully Comprehensive cover. Premiums vary hugely from Insurer to Insurer and we recommend that you go to an Insurance Broker comparison site that will give you quote from all of the major Insurers offering car insurance in Ireland.


The National Car Test applies to cars aged 4 years and over. If your car falls into this category, it will need to be tested every 2 years. If your car is aged 10 years or more, it must be tested annually. The test ensures that your vehicle is roadworthy and safe.

Driving on Irish Roads

Left Hand Drive: Caution

In Ireland, like in the UK, we drive on the left – not on the right like the rest of Europe. We advise motorists who have no experience of driving in left-hand-drive countries to be particularly cautious.

For many newcomers to the roads of Ireland, keeping to the left is not the main challenge. Newcomers often have a problem driving cars with right-hand steering, and instinctively drift over to the left hand side of the road. The safest advice to newcomers is to stay firmly in the left lane, while remaining close to the centre line.


In Ireland, traffic flows clockwise round the centre island of a roundabout. Even seasoned drivers from right-hand-side countries can be confused by a roundabout. Their instinct is to look to the left instead of to the right when entering the roundabout.

Remember – always give priority to traffic coming from the right on a roundabout. Before you enter a roundabout, always look right to see whether any traffic is coming. If there are multiple lanes approaching a roundabout, make sure you are in the correct lane – and make sure to indicate.

Speed Limits

Speed limits in Ireland are in Kilometres per hour (KPH). If you venture up to Northern Ireland, the speed limits are in Miles per hour (MPH).

Road Classification Speed
Motorways 120km/h
National roads 100km/h
Regional roads 80km/h
Urban areas 50km/h
Special limits (schools etc) 30km/h
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