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  • Car Insurance
    We compare prices from 13 Car Insurance companies to get you the best value insurance. Take the hassle out of looking for cheap car insurance and get a quote online today.
  • Home Insurance
    We obtain quotations from at least 11 Home Insurance companies. We will take care of switching your home insurance including communicating with your mortgage provider.
  • Travel Insurance
    We have great Travel Insurance packages for single trip, multi-trip / annual, backpacker and business trips. Get a travel insurance quote to see our prices.
At Quoteme.ie we aim to provide our customers with the very best value and service in prescribing the most suitable products. Every member of our Team is trained, qualified and committed to professionally helping every customer in selecting the right insurance solution for their own specific and individual needs. We search the marketplace on behalf of our customers, saving time, money and all the hassle.

Car Insurance

Here at Quoteme.ie we specialise in Car Insurance. We are one of Ireland’s leading Car Insurance brokers. We quote for 13 insurers to get you a policy that suits your needs and your budget with multiple payment options.

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Home Insurance

Quoteme.ie are one Ireland’s leading Insurance brokers when it comes to Home Insurance. We search through 11 major home insurance providers to get you the best deal on your premium & benefits.

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Van Insurance

Van Insurance for every business is different we will search through the most competitive quotes of leading insurance providers to find the package you need. Once we know your details we can quickly arrange the most suitable cover for you.

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Travel Insurance

Quoteme.ie is an authorised intermediary for Blue Insurance. We can supply travel insurance for any trip or holiday. We offer annual multi trip cover, single trip, extended stay, backpacker or business travel. We have you covered.

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Health Insurance

Quoteme.ie is an authorised intermediary for Aviva, we can advise you on the best health insurance plan for your needs. We are happy to talk to you about what option is best suited to you and or your family.

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Other Insurance

We offer many different types of insurance, such as wedding insurance and business insurance for shops & offices. We also now offer Pet Insurance & Gadget Insurance.