Second Car Insurance in Ireland – How to Insure Your Second Car

So you have a second car and wish to get second car insurance. This is very straightforward.

You need to take out a separate car insurance policy to cover your second car.

Multi-Car Insurance Process

However, you can only insure one car per policy. Because of this, you can only use one no claims bonus per policy.

As a result, you must have two no claims bonuses if you are insuring two cars. If you are taking out second car insurance for the first time you will have zero no claims bonus on your second car.

No Claims Bonus Second Car Insurance – One Per Car

Unfortunately, you cannot use your no claims bonus on your second car. So, when you are insuring a second car for the first time you start a zero no claims bonus for your second car. You then build this up on the second car over time.

Benefits of Having Second Car Insurance

You can get the same benefits as the car insurance policy you have on your first car such as breakdown assistance, European cover, step back no claims, windscreen cover.

How to Get Cover

If you have any questions at all regarding your car insurance call us on 0818 224433 and talk to our qualified insurance advisors who will help you find the best cover for your second car insurance policy. You can also use our quote engine get an instant Car Insurance quote online in seconds. We compare the market for you to find the best car insurance cover for you. We look forward to hearing from you today.

What is “Fronting” And How Does It Affect You?

Fronting is the process of registering an experienced driver on a car insurance policy as the main driver while the less experienced driver is the named driver. However, the driver with less experience is actually the main driver of the car.

Common Cases of Fronting on Car Insurance policies

Typically, this is when a parent lists as the main driver for their child’s car.

This is actually fraudulent and ultimately will affect policies for honest people.

Many people are not aware of the consequences of fronting.

Criminals Use Fronting

However, there is a more nefarious use of fronting car insurance. Criminals often use it to get somebody else to insure themselves and then get added to the policy at a later date.

With the criminal element, there is also the risk of forged documentation.

At, we are regulated with the Central Bank of Ireland. We employ rigorous anti-fraud measures which are required.

As with all insurance fraud, the people that are affected the most are legitimate policyholders. Ultimately premiums are higher.

Conclusion – It’s is Not Worth the Risk

Yes, there may be short term savings. Your policy can be void. You will be required to pay full damages. Added to this the fact that you may be charged with insurance fraud and get a criminal conviction, the risk is simply not worth it.

If you have any questions regarding your car insurance policy contact us on 0818 224433 or 042 9359051 and our car insurance experts will answer all your queries. You can also use our instant car insurance quote engine to get quotes from across the market. We look forward to hearing from you.





Temporary Car Insurance – How To Get Cover in Ireland

What is Temporary Car Insurance?

Temporary car insurance provides car insurance cover from one hour to twenty-eight days. It is ideal if you need to drive a car, van or another vehicle for a specific period of time.

What You Need to Know About Temporary Car Insurance.

Like any car insurance policy, you need to read it and be aware of what exactly the policy covers. Also, you must consider any excess on the policy.

It is important that you stay within any mileage limits. If you exceed the mileage terms on your policy you won’t be insured. Obviously, this will lead to problems if you have an accident.

Another common issue is not keeping a note of the exact time your policy ends. It is crucial that you know when your policy finishes to the minute.

You have no coverage after this time. If you drive one second after this time, you are driving uninsured and therefore breaking the law.

Young Drivers

It is more difficult for young drivers than older drivers to get temporary car insurance.

Yes, we know that young drivers get the brunt of it. This can be difficult. If there is an option for an older driver to take out the policy and drive the car then this should be considered.

However, it is often unavoidable that the young driver needs to get cover. In this case, call us and we will try to find you a good quote.

Duration of Car Insurance Cover

You must be aware when your policy ends. You will not be insured after that cut off point.

We touched on this earlier. This is so important. Make sure you don’t make a mistake here.

Comprehensive cover is rare

Third-party fire and theft is by far the most common policy type available. It is difficult to get comprehensive car insurance on this type of policy.

Limit on Miles

A mileage limit is often set. You cannot go over this limit. If you will be driving the car a lot make sure you submit a fair assessment of the miles you will be doing.

We can help. Talk to us and we will find a policy that meets your mileage requirements.

Is short term car insurance available in Ireland?

Yes, but in a lot of cases, it can be difficult to get cover.  Call us today and we will see if we can help you get the car insurance cover you require.

Call us now on and talk to one of our Car Insurance experts on 0818 224433. We look forward to hearing from you.


How to Get Cheap Car Insurance – 9 Factors That Can Help

Let’s face it. More needs to be done to bring down the cost of car insurance in Ireland. Unfortunately, getting cheap car insurance involves many factors.

Personal Injuries Settlements and the Cost of Car Insurance

Our CEO, Caeva O’Callaghan has been an outspoken advocate for the reform of the Personal Injuries system in Ireland.

She appeared as a guest on the Pat Kenny Show, Monday July 16th on Newstalk and spoke on the subject.

Hear our CEO, Caeva O’Callagan on The Pat Kenny Show.

The Book of Quantum is discussed. You can download it here.

How to Get a Cheaper Car Insurance Quote

Outside of changes to Personal Injury legislation, what can you do to reduce your car insurance premium?

1. Get a smaller car – Smaller engined vehicles normally are cheaper to insure.

If you drive a smaller car your policy is likely to be cheaper. Therefore, think about buying a smaller vehicle.

2. Buy a newer car – Significant savings can be made.

Old cars cost more to insure. The trend that we see is that car insurance companies prefer to insure newer cars. Car Insurance Quotes for relatively new cars reflect this by being cheaper than quotes for older cars.
As a result, look at the cost of buying a newer car while considering the cheaper insurance quotes you will receive.

3. Don’t drive an electric car.

Electric cars and hybrids are more expensive to insure. Insurance companies say that the cost of repair is higher for these cars. Therefore, this must be reflected in their policy quote.

4. Become middle-aged – middle-aged people have cheaper car insurance

Well, generally people over 25 have cheaper car insurance.  If you are under 25 you probably consider people over 25 consider middle-aged.
If you are a young driver, although you can’t do anything about it now. You may get some satisfaction that in years to come you may be paying less for car insurance.

5. Move to Donegal

Fantastic cliffs and cheap car insurance. Areas with less traffic and lower levels of crime will help bring your car insurance.
Therefore, moving to an area with those criteria may help to reduce your car insurance quote.

6. Get a boring job – Office workers who don’t drive for a living get cheaper quotes.

So, when you have been asked by your boss to alphabetically file last years orders. Just remember that you are likely to have cheaper car insurance than the flashy salesperson upstairs.

7. Nul Points  – No points on your licence

Self-explanatory. It’s not the Eurovision so no points are a good thing with respect to cheaper car insurance quotes.

8. Have a No Claims bonus – substantial reductions here

Some insurers give no-claims discounts of over 70%. As you can see substantial savings can be made.

9. Compare Car Insurance Quotes

It’s common sense. Get car insurance quotes from multiple insurers. Therefore, you can select the best quote.
Use Quote Engine to Get the Best Car Insurance Quote

Personal Injury Settlements – Car Insurance Prices

As you can see, for some instances you can’t do much about your situation. It’s not practical or possible to change the type of work you do or where you live.
However, by reforming Person Injury legislation and also reducing insurance fraud can help everybody who is looking for a cheaper insurance policy.

Talk to Us

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Green Card – Car Insurance and Brexit

As Brexit negotiations continue, one of the major issues that will affect people in the Republic of Ireland, in the event of a “no deal” Brexit, is the requirement to carry a Green Card to prove insurance cover. This impacts any driving of your car in the UK and north of the border.

Therefore, if you are driving in Northern Ireland you should plan ahead in case of a no deal Brexit.

As a result, we have answered some common questions on Green cards in case there is a “no deal” Brexit.

What are Green Cards?

Why are Green Cards important?

What if a no deal Brexit doesn’t occur?

What will happen if I drive in Northern Ireland without a Green Card?

What is the purpose of the Green Card?

Do I need to get a separate Green Card of each person on the policy?

What are Green Cards?

A Green Card is proof of insurance coverage.  The document is internationally recognised.  As the name suggests, the card is printed on Green paper.

In a nutshell, a Green Card provides proof of the minimum compulsory motor insurance cover required by the country that you are visiting (outside of the Republic of Ireland)

Why are Green Cards important?

In the event of a no deal Brexit, customers will need to carry a Green Card while driving in the UK. This includes Northern Ireland.

As we have many customers located in border areas who cross into Northern Ireland every day this is something you must be aware of.

What if a no deal Brexit doesn’t occur?

If a “no deal” Brexit does not occur, then green cards will not be required, depending on the terms of the agreement reached. As a result, you may wish to hold back applying for one if you do not plan on driving in Northen Ireland or mainland UK.

What will happen if I drive in Nothern Ireland without a Green Card?

If the is a “no deal” Brexit then driving in Nothern Ireland without a green card would be an office. Your vehicle could be seized and you could be prosecuted.

As a result, you must make sure you carry a Green Card if you are driving in the UK after a “no deal” Brexit.

What is the purpose of the Green Card?

In the case of a “no deal” Brexit, a Green Card confirms to the UK and Northern Ireland authorities that the minimum required level of insurance is in place.

Therefore, you should keep it with your car.  When you drive in the North or the UK. Ideally, having it easily accessible in the glove/map compartment).

Do I need to get a separate Green Card of each person on the policy?

No, the Green Card covers everyone on the policy. Note that the Green Card relates only to a specific car on your particular policy.

What you need to do

In conclusion, we recommend that you apply for a Green Card if there is a “no deal” Brexit. You can do this by emailing your request to Make sure to include your name, address and policy number. And of course,  if you have any questions about your policy please call us 042 9359051.

All in all, if there is a “no deal” Brexit you can drive in Northern Ireland, but only  if you have a Green Card.


RSA Car Insurance – Background & Review

RSA Car Insurance – Introduction

The RSA Group has been in operation since 1710.  They were founded in London but now have a global presence.  In Ireland, they operate through an exclusive number of brokers of which we are one.

They currently have over 400,000 customers in Ireland.  This review will help you decide whether RSA Insurance is the right fit for your needs.

Background: RSA Car Insurance

The RSA Group has a presence in 140 countries with  23,000 employees and 17 million customers worldwide.

Their Irish base is in the stylish RSA House in Dundrum, Co. Dublin.

Another key point to note is that like all of the companies we provide quotes for, RSA Car Insurance is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Review of RSA Car Insurance

RSA Insurance has been one of our leading insurance policy providers for a number of years.  On the whole, they are known for their simple policy solutions and great customer services.

The RSA group are well established in the market and our experiences with them as a broker have been very good.

They are able to offer competitive rates for all insurance policies, in particular young drivers insurance.  They offer great value car insurance with excellent customer service.

RSA Car Insurance comes with a number of added benefits including key care, windscreen claims and breakdown assistance.  They have been providing a great service for many years and we are delighted to have them listed on

Having said that, everyone’s insurance requirements are different.  You should review policy documents before purchasing insurance with RSA. Our quote comparison tool will let you know if RSA Car Insurance is the cheapest policy for your needs.

Obviously we would recommend that you strongly consider a policy with RSA should it fit your needs and budget.

Rating 5/5

How to Get a Quote from RSA Car Insurance

Our online quote comparison tool will let you know whether a RSA Car Insurance policy is the right fit for your needs.  This tool gives you a list of the most suitable policies for you.  Most importantly it gives a breakdown of the price of each insurance policy available to you.

Additionally you can give us a call on 0818 224433 or 042 9359051. Talk to one of our insurance advisors who will be delighted to help.

Get a Car Insurance Quote



Liberty Car Insurance – Background & Review

Liberty Car Insurance – Introduction

Liberty Insurance have been offering car insurance in Ireland since 2012 and many of our customers have taken out policies with them.

The company currently have over 215,000 customers in Ireland.  We have written this review to help you when you’re looking for a Liberty car insurance quote.

Background: Liberty Car Insurance

Liberty Car Insurance is provided by Liberty Seguros which is part of the Massachusetts based Liberty Mutual Holding Company (LMHC), head of the Liberty Mutual Insurance family.

LMHC employs more than 50,000 people in 800 offices around the globe.  400 of these employees are based in their Irish offices in Dublin and Cavan.

On January 1st 2019, Liberty Insurance Ireland merged with its parent company in Spain, Liberty Seguros. As part of the Liberty Mutual Insurance family they benefit from having over 100 years’ experience in providing insurance.

Liberty Insurance is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Review of Liberty Car Insurance

We have been providing quotes for Liberty Insurance for a number of years.  Overall our customers have been happy with their Liberty Car Insurance policies.

As mentioned previously, Liberty Insurance has only been active in Ireland for less than a decade.  As a result of their strong brand reputation they were able to build up quite a large customer base in a short space of time.

Liberty Insurance is a good option for car insurance in Ireland.  They offer good coverage. They have also established a strong base in Ireland.  Their recent merger with Liberty Seguros will allow them to share expertise and resources. Consequently, this should allow them to better serve their customers.

Furthermore, Liberty Insurance has a great track record with customers. They are known as one of the most trustworthy and reliable providers in the country.

Our quote comparison tool will let you know if Liberty Car Insurance is the cheapest policy for your needs.

Rating: 5/5

How to Get a Quote for Car Insurance from Liberty Insurance

You can compare car insurance policies using our online quote comparison tool.  This will help you find the most suitable car insurance quote for your needs.   Our quote comparison tool will return the cheapest available policy for you.

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Motor Insurance – Compare Quotes for the Cheapest Price

The central bank published a report on consumers attitude to Motor Insurance. The report is titled “Motor Insurance – Consumer Research on Attitudes and Behaviours – November 2018.”

The report contains significant insights into the Motor Insurance sector in Ireland from a customers point of view.

Motor Insurance Ireland – Shopping Around and getting the Best Price

Price is a major factor in deciding which motor insurance policy to take out.

Seventy-nine per cent said that price was the most important factor in deciding their last purchase of motor insurance.

However, fifty-eight per cent of those involved in the study did not change insurers.

It is advisable to shop around to get the best quote. Get quotes from multiple providers. In a lot of cases, there is a large swing from the lowest cost to the highest cost policies.

Therefore, you should set a reminder before your policy is due for renewal in order to make sure you avail of any possible savings by switching to another insurer.

As an insurance broker we check thirteen insurance providers for our clients and pick the best one for them at renewal time. As a result, you can save time checking prices.

motor insurance car

Customer Satisfaction for Insurers who Provide Motor Insurance

Ninety per cent of those surveyed said that they were either “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the service they received.

Therefore, the insurance sector should take pride in this statistic.

Motor Insurance Full Report

The full report is available to download from the Irish central bank’s website.

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Kennco Insurance – Get The Best Price on Your Policy

We have worked with Kennco Insurance (Kennco Underwriting Limited) for the last number of years. Many of our customers have taken out a Kennco policy for either car, home or commercial insurance.

In some cases, Kennco offered the cheapest price for customers given their profile. The feedback from our customers has been overwhelming good. As a result, they are one of the best insurers we work with.

Background: Kennco Insurance


Kennco Underwriting Limited was formed in Ireland in 2008. Over the years they have impressed us with their professionalism and responsiveness.

Like, Kennco is a 100% Irish company.

They employ a staff of around 50 people who we found very knowledgeable and capable of dealing with any customer queries we have from time to time.

Kennco Insurance Review

We have experience with Kennco’s Car Insurance, Home Insurance and Commercial Insurance products. As a result, we are well positioned to observe the policy types and business practices used by Kennco.

Kennco Insurance is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

We recommend a Kennco policy if it fits your particular needs and is the best price for the level of cover you required.

Operationally from a broker’s perspective, we find Kennco to be top class at fulfilling our customers’ needs.

Rating 5/5

How to Get The Best Quote From Kennco Insurance

As with getting the best price for your policy with all other insurers they key is to find out the level of cover you require.

In some cases across home, car and commercial you will find that Kennco can offer you the best price for the cover you need. Therefore, get a quote and compare it with quotes from other providers.

It only takes three minutes. You can check if Kennco can give you the cheapest price use our quote engine.

Compare Car Insurance Quotes – Quote Engine

Conclusion – Kennco Insurance

First of all, if the price is the best for the cover that you require, then we would recommend taking out your policy with Kennco.

However, in order to be sure, make sure you look at quotes from other reputable providers.

In conclusion, Kennco is an established Irish insurance brand who we have seen deliver first class service. Consider a Kennco policy for car, home or commercial insurance.



Learner/Provisional Driver Insurance – Top Tips to Get The Best Price

Learner drivers face a challenge getting insured. Many insurance companies quote extremely high prices for learner policies. In many cases, the learner driver simply cannot afford the premium.

We all know that in general there many factors which put upward pressure on Irish insurance costs. These include higher injury awards than the rest of Europe.

In this landscape, it can be difficult for a learner driver to get a policy that doesn’t take a serious toll on their bank balance.

How Can a Learner Driver Get Cheaper Car Insurance

Here are several tips that could help you save on your insurance premium if you are a learner driver.

Pick a Small Engined and Relatively New Car.

We would recommend that you pick a small engined car that is less than ten years old for your first vehicle.

Yes, we know that it is not the most sporty or glamourous option but in reality, you will save on your insurance premium when compared to a 2-litre car.

Get Multiple Quotes

As with anything, when you shop around you tend to find the best price eventually.

As a result, you should get quotes from multiple insurers. As an insurance broker does this for you and will get quotes from thirteen different insurers.

Third Party, Fire and Theft or Comprehensive

It is easy to say to just go for Third Party with Fire and Theft. However, in some cases, the difference between the two types of policy may not be that large. Therefore, consider the additional value versus the cost of going with a comprehensive policy.

Get quotes for both and make your decision when you see the prices.

Become a named driver on a fully licenced driver’s vehicle.

This is an option if you need to get more experience and have somebody willing to put you on their car policy.

All the better if this person will be your accompanied driver when you are getting additional experience away from your lessons.

They will already be able to take over driving if needed because they will be insured on their own car.

Add a driver with experience such as your accompanying driver as a named driver to your policy.

This may reduce your premium. Adding the driver that will be accompanying you as you get extra on-road experience may be a worthwhile option.

Resale value and modifications

Make sure you know the resale value of your car to avoid over-insuring. Another important point to keeping your insurance down is to avoid buying a car with unnecessary body modifications or engine tuning. These are likely to increase the amount you will pay for insurance.

Provisional Licence Holders Insurance

All in all, although the insurance premium for provisional licence holders is higher than those with a full licence, savings can still be made by following the tips above.