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A car insurance calculator will provide you with a range of prices for insuring your car in Ireland. Our Car Insurance calculator will generate premiums from the majority of insurance providers that operate in Ireland.

What To Have In Front Of You?

In order for the car insurance calculator to work, you will need to enter some information to our instant online quote system. Most of this information you will know off the top of your head such as your car registration number, how many years earned no claims bonus you have, telephone numbers and your address. Some of it you may need to gather in advance – you will need to know the dates of birth for all of your named drivers. It typically takes about five minutes to enter in all of the required information to our car insurance calculator. When you hit the button, Quote Me, our calculator will automatically connect with a centrally held rating engine and obtain quotations from all of the different insurance companies. Discounts that we have negotiated with various insurance companies will then be applied and a screen will pop up listing all of the prices for your car insurance policy, starting with the lowest priced policy.

Car Insurance Quotes in Ireland for a vehicle are generally based on the market value of the car as well as other factors such as the age and experience of the drivers. Most claims are for partial loss – normally the car is repaired – so there is no sum insured as such. Most car insurance companies limit their payment to the market value of the car and will not pay any more than the insured’s estimate of the value in the proposal form.

Expect Big Differences in Car Insurance Quotes

You will probably be surprised at the variances between the quotations. Don’t be concerned – it is because different insurance companies have different target markets. Some insurers like newer cars, some don’t like young drivers, others don’t like older drivers – sometimes even your occupation and your address are considered relevant rating factors. If you wish, you can speak to a qualified and friendly professional who will be able to go through the features and benefits of the different policies and help you choose the policy that suits you best. In summary, a car insurance calculator is a very useful and a great place to start looking for the right insurance policy at a low cost for you and your car.

If you have any questions at all regarding your car insurance fee free to call our insurance experts on 0818 224433 or 042 9359051. You can also use our quote engine to get an immediate Car Insurance quote online in seconds. We compare the Irish insurance market for you to find the right insurance cover for your specific circumstances. We look forward to helping you today.

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