Car Insurance for Women

Women should be rewarded for being safer drivers with discounted car insurance. We still sell great insurance products for women.

You’re safer drivers than men so why should you pay more for your car insurance? The simple answer is, you shouldn’t. And prior to the EU Gender Directive which was imposed on us in December 2012, you didn’t.

Statistically, we know that women are lower insurance risks than their male counterparts. They take fewer risks, make more careful decisions, usually stick to the speed limit and frown upon road rage. At we believe you should be rewarded for being such a safe driver. That’s why we offer low car insurance premiums and get you the best discounts.

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Whether you’re looking for the peace of mind of all-inclusive, all-encompassing Comprehensive Car Insurance or to simply protect your financial well-being by covering damages caused to another person's vehicle during an accident with Third Party Insurance has a variety of Car Insurance policies from different insurance companies to suit your needs. could save you time, money and stress. And for a lot less than you might think.

Our 52 years of experience means you’re in safe hands.

Car Insurance for Women