Ireland Car accident Infographics – Statistics

Auto accidents are a common problem which most drivers encounter. The infographic below demonstrates the most often damaged auto parts in collisions. The likelihood of damage for all the car parts is not equal. A look at the infographic will give you a clear picture of which car parts are likely to need repair after collision.

car-insurance-ireland-infographicsA vehicle’s bumper at the front is the most common front collision damage which repair technicians encounter. In a collision as the first point of contact, chances are high that it is damaged the most. Likewise, in case of rear collisions, the bumper at the rear end of the vehicle has a 20% chance of being damaged which is highest among all the rear parts of an automobile.

In case of front collisions the headlights stand a strong 21% chance of being damaged whereas the grille and hood have 20% and 10% chance of undergoing damage. The air-conditioner and the cooling system face 6% and 5% chances respectively of needing a repair when a vehicle encounters collision.

In case of the center parts, the fender has a like likelihood of 21% damage in the event of a collision. The rear door, front door, air bags and roofs are less likely to need repair. The damage likelihood of the above range between 2% to 7%.

Finally, in the event of rear collisions, the damage likelihood of wheels and tail lights are 15% and 9%. The trunk lid and exhaust are at the 5% and 2% risk respectively of needing a repair technician’s attention.