Does A Tracker Reduce Young Drivers’ Car Insurance?

Caeva O'Callaghan | October 10th, 2023

You might have heard of “black box” policies or “tracker” car insurance policies. But what are they, and can they save young drivers money?

Only if they drive safely and responsibly! Having a “black box” or tracker installed does not automatically mean young drivers pay less, but it will mean you get rewarded for obeying the rules of the road.

Being a good driver means not exceeding the speed limit, not taking corners too fast, and no sudden braking except in an emergency.

In this article, we’ll cover these questions:

It usually doesn’t cost anything to have a tracker installed in your car, and getting one could save you a lot of money in the long run.

What is a black box tracker?

It may be called a black box, tracker, telematics box, or another name coined by the insurance company. Put simply, it’s a small device which the insurance company installs on your car that tracks your driving.

When you take out a black box car insurance policy, your insurer will arrange for a third party to install the black box device in your car. It’s pretty small – around the size of a mobile phone – and they’ll place it in a discreet location, so no one will be able to see the device.

It can monitor your speed, how sharply you turn, how suddenly you brake, and how far you drive.

Most insurers, such as AIG, offer cheaper car insurance by allowing young drivers to select a plan by the amount of kilometres they expect they’ll need to travel in a year. For example, you can choose to take out 8,000, 10,000 or 12,000 kilometres, and with some insurance plans you can earn monthly reward kilometres by driving safely.

When buying car insurance that comes with a tracker, be careful of the amount of mileage that is included in your package. Some policies include “free” kilometres, but bear in mind this is for the year. If you use it up and need to purchase more, it can get expensive.

Will installing a tracker reduce my car insurance?

Car insurance plans that come with trackers are usually cheaper options than standard car insurance.

Not only that, but when you are no longer a beginner and consider switching insurance policies in the future, providers will have a comprehensive record of your driving habits. When they see proof of your safe driving, they’ll recognise this and generally offer lower premiums.

Think of it like this: at the same time you’re building a no-claims bonus, you’re building a reputation as a sensible driver that will stand you in good stead next time you buy or renew your car insurance. Black boxes give insurers a more accurate idea of how safe a driver you are, rather than relying on general statistics that don’t always portray young or inexperienced drivers in a good light.

Your insurance provider should give you access to your own driving data, through an app or website. They might even give you helpful driving advice that helps you become a better and safer driver (and earn more kilometres).

How can young drivers save money on their insurance?

Installing a tracker is one way, but there are more methods you can use to lower your monthly car insurance premiums.

In the first instance, don’t forget that we can help – simply pick up the phone and give us a call, and we’ll guide you through the process.

If you’re a driver under 25 who’s hoping to save some money, here’s some tips:

  • Get your full license as soon as possible.
  • Get named driver experience: while most insurers will insist on a full year of this, some providers offer discounts to young drivers who have six months’ experience on their parent’s policy.
  • Choose a smaller car: the bigger the engine and the more expensive it is, the more you’ll pay.

If you have any questions about young drivers car insurance, pick up the phone and talk to us today!

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