Does The Type Of Car Affect Young Driver’s Car Insurance?

Caeva O'Callaghan | April 11th, 2023

You’ve just got your license, and you can’t wait to buy your first car. But does the make and model affect how much you’ll pay for car insurance?

Yes, it does. The make and model of a car will affect how much you pay to insure it, for younger drivers as well as experienced ones.

The price of your monthly premium depends on a number of factors, and some cars are cheaper to insure than others.

In this article, we’ll answer the following questions:

You should always factor in the cost of car insurance before buying a car. Even if you find your dream model, you might have a nasty surprise when it comes to getting insured, so it’s best to be aware of the facts.

Why do some cars cost more to insure than others?

One factor which has a massive impact on car insurance premiums is the age of the vehicle. Generally speaking, the newer the car the cheaper it will be to insure. Cars aged 5 years and less are cheaper to insure than cars aged between 5 and 10 years and older.

Why is this? Modern cars are often cheaper to repair, and mechanics are more likely to be able to find parts. But high-end modern vehicles with top notch technological equipment may in fact be more expensive to insure.

The engine size of the vehicle also affects your car insurance premium. The bigger the engine, the more likely you are to have an accident, especially as a new driver.

Small cars with a small engine size will be cheaper to insure. They’re easier to control on the road, and generally cheaper to repair or replace. So if you’re a young driver wondering what your first car should be, consider a small, reasonably cheap and safe little runner.

Will a larger car cost more to insure?

Yes. Cars with larger engines are more expensive to insure: sometimes the difference between a 1.9 and a 1.6 can be over €1,000.

It’s also the size of what’s in your car that matters. If you have a complex and powerful computer navigation system, or choose the priciest sound equipment, this can also make your premium more expensive. This is because this technology is more expensive to replace, and because the skills and labour needed to repair it or install a new system are comparatively rare. You won’t be able to take your vehicle just anywhere to get it fixed.

Not only that, but physically larger vehicles are difficult for young drivers to maneuver. If you’ve been learning to drive in a small city runaround and then go out and buy an SUV, the learning curve is going to be enormous, and you will be a higher risk on the road.

How can I lower my car insurance?

If you’ve already bought a car, drive as safely as you can and build up your no claims discount. But if you’re still choosing between models, then a modern, safe, smaller and less powerful vehicle is often cheaper to insure.

Bear in mind, certain cars are also at a higher risk of theft than others – and it’s not the big, luxury cars of the world which are most vulnerable.

For example, the Volkswagen Golf GTI is one of the most popular cars among young drivers. Because of this reason, it’s also a highly theft attractive vehicle. It is often stolen to order, shipped over the border and broken up. Their attractiveness lies in the demand for parts, which we can assume is a result of its being a popular car.

Volkswagen Golfs are also more likely to be modified. The chance of finding a high-quality stereo system or other equipment inside means thieves are willing to take a risk.

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The bottom line is, talk to us before you buy a new vehicle. It’s worth lowering your monthly premium if you don’t particularly mind what car you drive, and you could save a lot of money.

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