6 sure-fire ways of reducing your van insurance premium

6 ways of reducing your van insurance premium

1.    Check whether your van has the smallest engine size and wheelbase you need to efficiently do what you do.

2.    Check whether your van insurance company recognises the fact that you are a member of a recognised trade body or federation.

3.    Never – ever – put your livelihood and your van insurance at risk by collecting penalty points for bad driving or for infringing commercial vehicle codes.

4.    Prove to the insurance company that you have a history of claims-free driving, whether with another commercial vehicle or with your private vehicle, could reduce your van insurance premium. If you can’t prove you are eligible for a no claims bonus, drive with more care and start building your own no claims bonus.

5.    While it is true that increasing your voluntary excess definitely lowers your van insurance premium, it also means that you will have to pay more if you are involved in a claimable incident.

6.     Let your insurance company know if you park your van in a locked garage overnight, as this will also reduce your premium.