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Van Insurance Renewal

You could make significant savings by getting quotes from multiple insurers at the time of your renewal. Use our online comparison tool to do just that. Even though your premium may not have increased since last year it is still worth spending a few moments running your details through our quotation engine. Better still, give us a call on 0818 22 33 44 and speak to our qualified and experienced staff member. He or she will most certainly know all the angles to get you the maximum amount of discounts resulting in the lowest premium.

If you already have your van insured with – you don’t have to do a thing. We will be “rebroking” your renewal and sending you details of your terms from your existing insurance company as well as details of any better alternative quotations. You will get this information from us, in writing, at least 4 weeks before your renewal date. About a week before you are due for renewal, we will then get in touch with you by phone to talk through your options and to make sure that the details we have match what they are.