Driving on the hills made easy

Driving on the hills made easy

Driving on the hills can be very challenging. In this primer, we share few essential tips which will make driving on the hills easy for you. If you have driven on the plains most of the time, it is important that you learn the hill driving etiquette. Tackling hilly terrain will be easier if you know the right hill-driving technique. It is important that you sue the handbrake as the safety lever that will help the car from rolling back as you spend some time adjusting your feet. When you pull the hand brakes firmly, the chances of your vehicle rolling down are negligible.

Important tips

Before a trip to the hills make sure that you prepare your car. Modern cars today are equipped with safety features which will help you to control the vehicle as you are climbing the hills. As the sharp turns on the hills are in spiral form, getting a view of the approaching vehicle is not easy. Thus, it is advised that you slow down at the turns, and honk in order to alert the other drivers. Taking hard turns will stress you out and may result in motion sickness as well. It is important to bear in mind that the vehicle which is descending, will be moving faster than the one which is ascending the hill. Do not forget to follow the safety alerts which are written on the way.

Using the gear right

You must learn to choose the gears differently. When you are driving uphill the gravity can put a burden. On the other hand, the same gravity tends to favor you when you are driving downhill. Selecting the appropriate gear and sing it the right way will keep you safe on the hills. You will be in better control of the car when you follow the speed limits strictly. When you do not know much about driving on the hills you might end up honking in excess and overusing the brakes.

Be extra cautious when you are overtaking in the hills. It is advised that you keep an eye on the vehicle in front of you which indeed has a better view of the situation which lies ahead. Once you start observing the car’s action, it will help you to easily avoid obstructions which you are not being able to see. Most steep mountains have escape ramps where you can consider halting for rest.

To conclude, follow these set of rules and enjoy the drive in the hills. As you pack your bags and set out with your family we wish you safe travels.

Few Essential Tips on How to Handle a Vehicle Breakdown

Few Essential Tips on How to Handle a Vehicle Breakdown

We all know that a car breakdown is inevitable. But have you ever wondered what should be the right course of action in such a situation? When you are driving and your vehicle encounters a problem, use your presence of mind and get the vehicle to the right of the road as soon as possible. While you pull the vehicle to the side of the road, there are some precautions which you should bear in mind. Do not get off the vehicle when the engine dies on the highway. It is wiser to sit in a dead vehicle than try to cross a busy highway by foot.

Safety precautions

The best way to alert other drivers is to roll the window and hang a white cloth. This will catch the attention of the other drivers and let them know that you are in trouble. Do not be perplexed as help will come your way soon As soon as you discover that you will need assistance, use your cellphone and call the highway patrol. Once you have pulled the vehicle and cleared the road, do not forget to switch on the headlights. It is wiser to wait for professional help even if your driver can repair the car. On a heavy highway do not get out of the car to examine a damage.

Exercising caution is important

After a breakdown it is recommended that you make the vehicle as visible as possible. As the vehicle slows down, do not forget to switch on the hazard lights. This will alert the other motorists and make them aware of your vehicle’s presence. Make sure that you raise the hood in case you need the help of the police. It is necessary that you exercise caution when you are stranded on the road. Use your judgment well before you accept help from strangers. If someone you are suspicious of stops, do not get out of the car but lower your window slightly so that you can talk.

It is advised that you keep an emergency kit ready. Whether it is a tire failure, a mechanical breakdown or you have run out of fuel,you must not compromise on the safety. A basic emergency kit can reduce the stress and increase your safety on the road.

It is a good idea to have a spare tire and repair tools in the car. Following these tips will prevent stress from building-up and will help you to tackle a vehicle breakdown easily.

Practice Ergonomic Driving: Guide for Drivers

Practice Ergonomic Driving: Guide for Drivers

When you drive a car, it is necessary that you seat yourself in the right position.Maintaining the right position can help you to avert accidents and experience greater comfort when you are driving. Before you start, make sure that you are in clothing which is comfortable, allowing you to concentrate on the road which lies ahead of you. In winters, coats can interfere with the steering. In such circumstances, adjust your seat with the surrounding and make use of seat belts. The footwear you choose should fit your feet snugly. The pair should not slip on the pedals which may lead to serious accidents.

Choose the right position

At the onset, position yourself correctly on the seat. Sit straight such that you fit into the seat comfortably. This will help you to avoid backaches, injuries and remain alert when you are on a long drive. Adjust your seat with the pedal, so that you can press the pedals with the right foot on time, when need arises without delay. It is a good idea to start the engine and press the brakes a few times. If you feel your knee straightening, you are far too back. If it is at 90 degrees,you are too close to the pedals.

Considerations you cannot overlook

After a short drive, most of us tend to slouch our shoulders which can cause a lot of pain and create prolonged problems. As you hold the steering wheel, your back lumbar and shoulders should be well-supported. Before you sit, remove the wallet from your back pocket. As a rule, get into the car first and then swing your legs into the car. To get out, you should slide your legs out first and then stand up. When you are on a long drive, take frequent brakes and stretch out often. When you hold the steering wheel, hold it firmly without clenching. In case you have plans of sharing the driving, do not forget to adjust the seat and check the position on the mirrors. This will give you an idea whether you are in the right position.

Essential and critical

A pillow tied to your seat can make a big difference. When you are traveling long distances, make sure that you have a pillow in the car. Sitting can be as critical as driving and it’s worth to be aware of the directions before you operate the levers in the car. After a long drive, rest frequently, take breaks and go for a short stroll. It is not a bad idea to stretch yourself and relax the muscles before you drive again.

Understanding The Psychology of Driving

Understanding The Psychology of Driving

When you have been behind the wheels you must have often said to yourself;” Its fun being reckless. It is alright to do anything on the road as long as I am out of trouble. Who cares about exceeding the speed limit. Speed is true excitement” A significant section of male drivers will agree to have raced a car on a public road leading to fatalities as indicated in the graph above. Clearly, our attitude to the world around influences our driving to a large extent. It is our perceptions about ourselves and the external authority which effect our driving. At times few of us may feel that the speeding limits are too restrictive spoiling the fun of fast driving. But on the contrary, these limits have been imposed to ensure our safety on the roads which few of us realize.

A motorist’s psychology

Drivers can be categorized into two categories; the reptilian drivers and the cortical drivers. When a motorist tries to merge into a lane, a cortical driver may get annoyed but tell himself that there is nothing he can do about it. On the other hand a reptilian driver will drive aggressively with the thought that he needs to get ahead of the motorist.

However, this quote sums up the true essence of being behind the wheels for all drivers, “The fights with his machine often lead a motorist to bitter anger and sorrow. But the good side is that this creates precious qualities like patience, skill, inventiveness and courage. Our motorist will therefore accept all adversities of the road without despair but with laughter: for the automobile bestows strength of will.”

Essential figures and facts

A study undertaken by a psychologist reveals that males below 25 have reported of breaking the 60km speed limit for more than 10 kilometers. Some have reported of breaking the 120km speed limit and overtaking a car when it has been maintaining the right speed for a particular condition. In real life if you have been driving for a while you will be able to relate to incidents when you have witnessed obscenities flying from the driver’s mouth or a level headed woman suddenly turning into a road warrior much to your disbelief. Situations such as these can be classified under road rage which can worsen your experience while driving.

To tackle road rage avoid eye contact with the other driver and try to move away as soon as you can . To meet the challenges of driving, it is essential that you develop your cognitive skills. At the same time, by making the endeavor to hone your driving skills and practicing defensive driving you can ensure greater safety on the road. Predictably, this insight into the psychology of driving will help you to drive better.

Reasons to invest in a luxury car

Reasons to invest in a luxury car

The luxury car market is fast growing to suit the need of the prospective clientele. The car buyers who are on the lookout for luxury cars are emotionally connected with a particular brand which highly determines how they feel. A luxury car is much more than prestige.

The plush interiors and the choice of customization make luxury cars popular. When you drive a luxury car, you can be assured of greater safety. Driving a luxury car is associated with a higher status which indeed adds to the worth of a luxury vehicle.

Revealing a steady growth

In May 2015, the group marketing director of the British brands, Phil Popham has said that there is plenty of growth potential for brands that produce premium vehicles at premium prices. With the world becoming more affluent, the affluent people are becoming more brand savvy. It is not surprising to note the steady growth of luxury cars.

A significant section of manufacturers are selling in market segments where they have not competed in. The brands which have been competing in the luxury car segment include BMW, Mercedes Benz and Audi.

Ensure perfect pick

If you can afford it, a luxury car is what you should own. Not only does it help meet your aspirations but leads to a sense of satisfaction as well. Narrowing down on an exotic car can be slightly challenging. As you walk into a showroom, ask to be educated about the models which interest you. Gather an insight into the brands, the maintenance plans and the gearing options. After you have finally decided on the car, ask for a test drive.

Worthy investment

A luxury car is the perfect blend of matchless beauty and unparalleled quality. Offering comfort, beauty and technical benefits beyond compare, the deluxe car makers are well-known for their precision in manufacturing, for innovations in style and luxury. It needs mention that a luxury car comes pre-equipped with a better resale value. High resale value is a prime consideration for buyers who have plans of investing in luxury cars. With a label of luxury and a touch of panache, deluxe cars are worth the money which is shelled out.

Insuring the luxury car in Ireland

After you have finalized on the purchase do not forget to consider luxurious car insurance in Ireland. If you shop for car insurance online, do not forget to set some time aside for comparison shopping. Compare the car insurance quotes in Ireland so that you strike the best deal.