Practice Ergonomic Driving: Guide for Drivers

Caeva O'Callaghan | July 14th, 2015

When you drive a car, it is necessary that you seat yourself in the right position.Maintaining the right position can help you to avert accidents and experience greater comfort when you are driving. Before you start, make sure that you are in clothing which is comfortable, allowing you to concentrate on the road which lies ahead of you. In winters, coats can interfere with the steering. In such circumstances, adjust your seat with the surrounding and make use of seat belts. The footwear you choose should fit your feet snugly. The pair should not slip on the pedals which may lead to serious accidents.

Choose the right position

At the onset, position yourself correctly on the seat. Sit straight such that you fit into the seat comfortably. This will help you to avoid backaches, injuries and remain alert when you are on a long drive. Adjust your seat with the pedal, so that you can press the pedals with the right foot on time, when need arises without delay. It is a good idea to start the engine and press the brakes a few times. If you feel your knee straightening, you are far too back. If it is at 90 degrees,you are too close to the pedals.

Considerations you cannot overlook

After a short drive, most of us tend to slouch our shoulders which can cause a lot of pain and create prolonged problems. As you hold the steering wheel, your back lumbar and shoulders should be well-supported. Before you sit, remove the wallet from your back pocket. As a rule, get into the car first and then swing your legs into the car. To get out, you should slide your legs out first and then stand up. When you are on a long drive, take frequent brakes and stretch out often. When you hold the steering wheel, hold it firmly without clenching. In case you have plans of sharing the driving, do not forget to adjust the seat and check the position on the mirrors. This will give you an idea whether you are in the right position.

Essential and critical

A pillow tied to your seat can make a big difference. When you are traveling long distances, make sure that you have a pillow in the car. Sitting can be as critical as driving and it’s worth to be aware of the directions before you operate the levers in the car. After a long drive, rest frequently, take breaks and go for a short stroll. It is not a bad idea to stretch yourself and relax the muscles before you drive again.

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