Driving on the hills made easy

Caeva O'Callaghan | July 15th, 2015

Driving on the hills can be very challenging. In this primer, we share few essential tips which will make driving on the hills easy for you. If you have driven on the plains most of the time, it is important that you learn the hill driving etiquette. Tackling hilly terrain will be easier if you know the right hill-driving technique. It is important that you sue the handbrake as the safety lever that will help the car from rolling back as you spend some time adjusting your feet. When you pull the hand brakes firmly, the chances of your vehicle rolling down are negligible.

Important tips

Before a trip to the hills make sure that you prepare your car. Modern cars today are equipped with safety features which will help you to control the vehicle as you are climbing the hills. As the sharp turns on the hills are in spiral form, getting a view of the approaching vehicle is not easy. Thus, it is advised that you slow down at the turns, and honk in order to alert the other drivers. Taking hard turns will stress you out and may result in motion sickness as well. It is important to bear in mind that the vehicle which is descending, will be moving faster than the one which is ascending the hill. Do not forget to follow the safety alerts which are written on the way.

Using the gear right

You must learn to choose the gears differently. When you are driving uphill the gravity can put a burden. On the other hand, the same gravity tends to favor you when you are driving downhill. Selecting the appropriate gear and sing it the right way will keep you safe on the hills. You will be in better control of the car when you follow the speed limits strictly. When you do not know much about driving on the hills you might end up honking in excess and overusing the brakes.

Be extra cautious when you are overtaking in the hills. It is advised that you keep an eye on the vehicle in front of you which indeed has a better view of the situation which lies ahead. Once you start observing the car’s action, it will help you to easily avoid obstructions which you are not being able to see. Most steep mountains have escape ramps where you can consider halting for rest.

To conclude, follow these set of rules and enjoy the drive in the hills. As you pack your bags and set out with your family we wish you safe travels.

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