Can I Get Car Insurance With Open Driving?

Caeva O'Callaghan | December 7th, 2022

Letting other people use your car can sometimes be really useful. Can you buy a car insurance policy that will protect other drivers in a car that belongs to you?

Yes, in most instances this is very easy. Getting an open driving policy is no different than buying any other kind of car insurance policy.

It might cost a little more, but if it suits your lifestyle it will be a worthwhile option.

In this article, we’ll go over the following questions:

  • What is an open driving insurance policy?
  • Who can get an open driving insurance policy?
  • Are there any restrictions with an open driving policy?

If you’re wondering about buying an open driving policy and want to check the facts, read on. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

What is an open driving insurance policy?

An open driving car insurance policy allows other people to drive your car outside an emergency situation. With most insurance policies, someone else can only drive your car if they are a named driver, or if it’s an emergency, for example if you need to be taken to hospital and calling an ambulance isn’t possible.

Open driving (or “open driver”) insurance is a useful section to have if you have a busy lifestyle or if you often find yourself sharing driving trips. For example, say you have a friend visiting from abroad for a few weeks and you want to take a road trip to see some sights. If you have an open drive insurance policy, you can both do an equal share of the driving with no worries.

In this instance, there is no need to get your friend added as a named driver on your insurance policy as the cover extends to others as well.

It’s vital to note that having open driving insurance does not mean that you can drive someone else’s car: the open driving policy needs to belong to the car’s owner.

Who can get an open driving insurance policy?

Many insurance companies will only offer open driving for drivers aged between certain ages. For example, to add open driver insurance to your Allianz motor insurance policy you, the policyholder, must be 25 to 70 years old and have at least two years’ no claims bonus.

If you have a driver that falls outside these limits, you can just add that driver to your policy as a named driver. This is very common for older drivers, and those who are just beginning to learn.

Check the restrictions with your individual policy when looking at open driving options – some companies limit their coverage to full driving license holders only.

Open driving insurance can cost a little more, as the risk involved is higher. When you are shopping around for car insurance quotes, ask for a quote with named drivers along with a separate quote for an open driving policy.

Are there any restrictions with an open driving policy?

If you have an open driving insurance policy, it’s up to you who you let drive it – there are no restrictions for who you can let drive your car, or how often. However, for us to protect you, your car and the other driver, your other driver does need to meet a few conditions.

These will be individual to your policy and your insurance company, so check carefully. Generally speaking, the other driver needs to be aged between 30 and 70 years old, and have no more than one claim in the past five years or no open claims.

They also must be medically fit to drive a car, and hold a full, clean license. This means they cannot have any penalty points, and also have had no disqualifications or convictions arising from a motoring offence within the past five years, other than spent convictions.

If the other driver has an accident in your car this will affect your no claims bonus – so don’t hand over the keys to just anybody!

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