Five Things to Know About Car Insurance

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Five key things to know to help you understand your car insurance
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1. Good Car Insurance advice…

Roadside assist – just call your car insurance company in the event of an accident and they will give you free advice over the phone and send a tow truck if required.

Breakdown cover – if you breakdown anywhere in Ireland, you can call you car insurance company and they will send a mechanic to help you get moving again. If this is not possible, your car insurance company may tow you to the nearest approved garage.

Windscreen cover – if you break your windscreen or even get a crack, you can claim from your car insurance company. Most insurance companies will allow you to claim for your windscreen without affecting your no claims bonus and will send a repairer to your home or place of work to minimize inconvenience.

No claims bonus protection – many car insurance companies allow you to pay a small additional premium to protect your no claims bonus. This means that if you have a car insurance claim, you will not loose your entire no claims bonus. Instead, your car insurance company will step back your no claims bonus by 2 years.

Driving other cars – many insurance companies will allow you to drive another car (with the owners permission of course) if the cc of the car is the same or less that your own car for third party only cover.

2. Many Factors can influence the cost of your car insurance

Car insurance Companies use risk underwriting combined with actuarial analysis to determine what amount of premium you will pay for your car insurance. Car Insurance Companies will group car drivers into different classes such as their age and driving experience. Insurance companies will put different types of cars into groups depending on their engine size, cc, value and acceleration compatibility. Car Insurance Companies will use software programs to help them determine the premium that they believe to be correct for your specific risk. This is why you need to answer so many questions before getting a car insurance quotation.

3. Car Insurance Premiums vary by Insurance Company

Since there are so many variables used by insurance companies to determine the premium that they believe is appropriate for your risk, it is natural that each car insurance company can have a different view of the various groups of drivers, cars and driving experience. This is the reason why Insurance Premiums vary so much by Car Insurance Companies. This is also why it is so helpful for car insurance buyers to shop around on comparative websites such as

4. A Higher excess can lower your car insurance premium

A great way to lower the cost of your car insurance is to ask for a higher excess when obtaining car insurance quotes. Having a higher excess on your car insurance policy will affect you only when you have a claim. For example, say you have a €2,000 excess on your car insurance policy and you crash your car. You will be claiming from your car insurance policy and you will have €2,000 (or the amount of the excess on your car insurance policy) deducted from the settlement value of your car insurance claim. To see how much you can save by having a higher excess on your car insuarnce policy, get an online quote with Go for standard car insurance with a low policy excess. Then get a quick quote with a high excess and compare your two premiums.

5. The type of car you drive will affect your car insurance premium

Your insurance underwriter will take into account the type of car you drive. If it is very expensive to repair after a car accident, then you may pay more for your car insurance. If it has a car alarm or a tracking device, your car insurer will probably allow a discount off your premium. It is important to note however, that the vast proportion of your car insurance premium is for liability or third party only cover. This is the minimum car insurance you need to have on your vehicle to drive in Ireland and protects you financially if you have an accident and the accident is deemed to be your fault. In this case, your car insurer will pay the third party for the damage caused to his vehicle and other property as well as any third party injuries.