What are the Typical Add-ons for Home Insurance?

Caeva O'Callaghan | December 22nd, 2023

Home insurance is never one-size-fits-all. That’s why insurance providers offer a range of add-ons so you can customise your policy to your needs.

When you purchase a home insurance policy, not everything will come as standard. You may have some items, or additions to your home, that you want extra cover. Or, you may worry about certain risks that do not fall under standard home insurance cover.

Luckily, most providers offer a range of add-ons you can purchase to complement your policy. These will cost a little extra, but provide you with much more peace of mind.

In this article, we’ll be covering the following questions:

  • What add-ons are available for my home insurance policy?
  • Can I add items or risks to my home insurance policy?
  • What if my home insurance doesn’t cover me for a common risk?

Remember, if you need, call your insurance broker. We can help you customise your cover so that your protection is exactly what you need.

Do you need extra home insurance cover?

It’s not always certain that any standard home insurance policy will cover you completely in the event of a flood or fire. It’s always best to be thorough and honest and tell your insurance broker about everything you own. If you don’t declare expensive items on your policy to keep your premium low, this will just mean you won’t have compensation when they are lost.

A good idea is to ask yourself: if the worst happened, what would I be most upset at losing? Make sure that is covered in your policy first, then check off anything else you can think of. Always read your home insurance policy carefully, and if you find the small print impossible, ask your broker to explain it to you.

Extended and personal cover on your home insurance

The most common add-ons to any insurance policy are those which extend the normal insurance outside the home. You can get extra cover if you take your valuables outside, such as expensive cameras, on a regular basis. All risks will insure you for exactly that – all risks.

Accidental damage can include spilling wine on your carpet or knocking over your TV. It’s one of the most common insurance add-ons, but bear in mind that if you have children or pets your cover may cost more.

Home insurance generally includes liability cover, should a visitor be injured in your home and you’re deemed negligent. Remember to check if this is the case when you review your policy.

Buildings cover will apply if a tile falls off a roof onto your gardener, for example, or their property. Contents cover, meanwhile, generally covers accidents in the home. Any standard home insurance policy should cover you for two kinds of liability:

  • Owner’s Liability – provides cover if a visitor or their belongings come to harm and you are liable. E.g. this would cover you if a tile were to fall off your roof.
  • Third-Party Liability – provides personal cover should you cause injury to another person through your negligence outside the home. E.g. if you hit someone with a golf ball.

Personal accident cover offers financial help when you’re in need, from unexpected injuries to hospital stays. It can help you with hospital costs, transport, loss of income and more.

Things you may not have thought to insure

Have you got insurance for your bicycle? Your caravan? Your garden gnomes?

If you take pride in your garden, it’s worth taking out extra cover for your garden ornaments, plants and lawn. Remember, it’s about how much it would cost to bring it back to a comparable standard should the worst happen. If you’ve spent a lot of money in your garden, these costs may be considerable.

Bicycles normally only have cover if you store them inside the house. Extra cover will insure your bicycle while it’s in a garage or chained up outside, as well as out and about.

Some companies now offer separate ‘download insurance’ if you’ve purchased games, music or other digital downloads that you aren’t able to recover if you lose your laptop or device.

Don’t forget to make sure the cost of your food is covered if you have expensive ingredients or a large family. If your freezer or fridge breaks down and you lose a month’s worth of food, that will be expensive to replace.

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