Overcome The Hazards of Driving with Fatigue

Caeva O'Callaghan | May 4th, 2015

A survey revealed that 40% of Irish adults have experienced driver fatigue at some point of time in a given year. Studies show that sleep can impair driving as much as alcohol. According to the American Automobile Association, in every six traffic accident, one is caused by drowsy driving. It is a shocking revelation that at least a quarter of the drivers have reported finding it difficult to keep their eyes open when they have been behind the wheels. Chances of dozing off are higher when you are driving long distances at night. By now you must be wondering what to do to stay awake and keep driving.

Symptoms to look out for

Most importantly, tiredness and fatigue can affect your driving much before you realize it. The crashes related to fatigue are more severe as in most cases as the driver’s responses are delayed as he fails to maneuver on time towards safety. Be aware of the symptoms of fatigue while driving which include heavy eye-lids, yawning frequently or varying the speed of your vehicle for no specific reason. A study conducted recently reveals that driving 80 minutes constantly without a break can increase the danger of the motorists on the road. Further, it has been found that drivers who take more frequent brakes react faster than those who do not beak up long journeys.

Eat to stay awake

One of the easy ways is to keep your taste buds awake and drink an energy drink. A tangy food like lemon can help you to stay awake and avoid accidents. You can consider a cup of coffee which contains caffeine and will help you to stay awake. It is wiser to avoid sugar which can lead to drowsiness and lead to brain fog. One of the best ways to refresh yourself is to wipe your face and neck with a wet cloth fragranced with cologne.

Tips you should not overlook

Before you start a long journey, decide before hand where you want to stop. You should give yourself ample time to reach your destination and schedule regular breaks. The best way to avert the risks of fatigued driving is to share the driving during the journey. More so, inside the car, adjust the temperature of your air conditioner to a degree lesser than which you are most comfortable in. This will keep you awake and prevent you from dozing off at the wheels. Apart from this, you should adjust the driving seat to an upright position such that the base of your wrists are touching the top of the steering wheel.
As the last word, choose a car insurance that provides a comprehensive cover for all injuries, losses and fatalities. Compare car insurance on all parameters (aside price) before zeroing on one. Although sleeping behind the wheels is not illegal, but driving in fatigue with your eyes half-closed equals driving with an impairment. Let this blog be a wakeup call for you and turn you into a more alert driver.

All Information in this post is accurate as of the date of publishing.