Landlord Insurance – Rented Property

Caeva O'Callaghan | January 26th, 2018

If you are a landlord you should consider taking out a rented property or Landlord insurance policy. As a result, you will have cover for certain occurrences that relate to your property.

What is Landlord Insurance?

This type of policy is different to standard home insurance. It covers landlords for loss of rental income if the property becomes unfit to live in (the amount varies per policy) along with other coverage.

Additional Coverage – Protect Your Investment

The right policy will also cover the landlord if alternative accommodation is required.

Coverage type and the amount covered varies from policy to policy. Therefore, you should shop around. We are happy to help you find the policy that meets your needs.

Multiple Properties

If you have only one property or if you are a landlord who owns multiple properties we can help you save on your landlord insurance. After all, comparing quotes from multiple insurers will help you find the coverage that you require at the best price. Give us a call on 0818 224433 / 042 9359051

Types of Coverage for Landlord Insurance

Many Landlords opt for buildings only insurance. However, in the event there are substantial furnishings and appliances that you own in the rented property, you may want to also include contents insurance.

Many policies include the following as standard, for this reason, be sure to read what additional coverage your policy includes:

1. Loss of rent and the cost of alternative accommodation if nobody can life in the home due to damage caused by insured perils such as storm, fire, smoke damage etc.

2. Fire brigade charges up to a specified amount.

3. Replacing locks, including keys, to any outside door of the home if the keys have been stolen.

For landlord insurance with building insurance and optional content insurance, simply fill out our landlord insurance quote form or give us a call on 0818 224433 / 042 9359051.

If you have any questions we are delighted to help. Our insurance advisors can help you find the right policy for your rented property or if you have multiple properties, for your property portfolio.

We have vast experience finding suitable insurance policies that meet the needs of landlords. As a result, we can help you find a rented home insurance policy that meets your requirements.

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