If I Drive a Hybrid, Will That Affect My Car Insurance?

Caeva O'Callaghan | November 9th, 2023

There are many benefits to driving a hybrid vehicle. While you can save money in other areas, your car insurance might not be one of them.

In short, no. Driving a hybrid car involves just as many risk factors as driving any other car. This means your insurance premium will not necessarily change. The make and model of your car always matters, but driving a hybrid has no effect on how much you pay.

In this article, we’ll cover questions like:

  • Will I save money on car insurance if I buy a hybrid?
  • Are hybrid cars cheaper to insure?
  • How do I insure a hybrid car?

Hybrid cars involve a lot of new technology, and it can be difficult to wrap your head around the ins and outs before you purchase. However, it’s important to note that, from an insurance standpoint, nothing will change.

Are hybrid cars cheaper in the long run?

Hybrids are becoming increasingly popular among drivers in Ireland. The most obvious benefit is that they are widely regarded to be more eco-friendly – to run, at least.

The truth is, resources spent in manufacturing these cutting-edge new vehicles (and battery components in particular) are considerable when compared to just buying and fixing up an old second hand car, thus saving it from the scrapheap. So even the ecological benefits are a bit less than you might think over the long-term.

However, that means these hybrid models will only get more efficient over time, as they become more commonplace and demand for petrol decreases.

Hybrids can be very expensive, but will likely save you a lot of money over time. These cars are much cheaper to run than diesel or petrol motors, and many of the battery-powered models are exempt from motor tax. The ESB provides free public charging points in locations such as car parks, shopping centres, and on city streets. You can also fit a charging unit at your home, again with an initial outlay. The overnight cost on charging your vehicle can be as little as €2.

On top of that, you don’t suffer the drawbacks that come with ‘pure’ electric cars, such as limited mileage; you’ll be able to drive from Donegal to Dungarvan via Drogheda, without the need to stop for several hours while your car fills up.

So hybrid cars are an attractive choice, if you can afford the cost. But while they can save you money over the long run, buying a hybrid will not affect your insurance premium.

Hybrid cars and car insurance

The fact that you drive a hybrid car does not affect your car insurance policy in and of itself – but, as with so many things in insurance, if you scratch beneath the surface you’ll start to see some secondary effects. For instance, many hybrid models are smaller and less powerful than their petrol or diesel equivalents. So, you may find your hybrid car is cheaper to insure, (as would be the case with a smaller vehicle even if it was powered by traditional means).

Early adopters of electric cars such as the Nissan Leaf, Tesla Roadster, and Renault Zoe did report difficulties getting cost-effective insurance for their cars. Many insurers did initially raise premium prices or even declined to insure these cars due to the cost of the repairs. These cars involve a lot of new technology, and repair centres are a specialist service.

But now, a lot more hybrids and e-cars are on the road and we have more data for repair costs. This means insurance companies have lowered costs significantly to be on par with any other vehicle.

Grants and discounts

Just because your insurance will stay the same, doesn’t mean you can’t save money. You can take advantage of an SEAI electric vehicle grant, which offers you up to €5000 on both hybrid and fully electric cars. The grant size will depend on the car value. It starts at €2,000 for a car in the price list of €14,000-€15,000, rising to €5,000 on cars worth €20,000 or more.

Not only that, but many insurers do offer a price discount for electric or hybrid cars as an incentive. Aviva will give you 10% if you buy your electric car insurance online.

Of course, deals are changing all the time. Get in touch today with your make and model of hybrid vehicle. We’ll do our best to find you the best quote on the market.

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