Dangers of Driving Under Influence

If all of us take the effort to drive responsibly, it can make a big difference. After you have been partying on a Saturday night and deciding to return home after consumption of alcohol, driving can get risky. As you put the keys in the ignition and drive homewards, you maybe risking your life. Not only is your life at risk, but those who are traveling with you in the car are at risk too. As you choose to drive intoxicated, it can be both illegal and risky. Driving under influence can lead to serious consequences which include spending time in the jail.

Alcohol: a major reason for car crashes:

Some statistics which follow should put teens on alert. Alcohol related traffic collision kills people in the age group 16 to 24 mostly. If you are under 21 and you are found driving with a blood alcohol level which is .01% higher will lead to you losing the driving privilege for a year. It has been seen that newly qualified drivers who drive under the influence of alcohol have a greater risk of being involved in a crash when compared to drivers with experience. The chances of an accident are almost five times greater.

Can lead to serious consequences:

After you have been under the influence of alcohol and have reached home safe unhurt does not mean that you are not at risk the next time you drive under influence of alcohol. If a person in uniform knocks on your window and pulls you for suspicious driving, you may run into serious consequences once he smells strong odor of alcohol. Under influence of alcohol chances are high that you will experience slurred speech and a general incoherence. You may be asked to exit your vehicle and undergo a field sobriety testing.

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Effect of alcohol on driving:

Driving under influence is one of the greatest threats to road safety. After consumption, alcohol enters the stomach, it is absorbed by the bloodstream through the walls of the stomach and intestines. Once the alcohol reaches the brain, it has a numbing effect which can reduce the concentration and affect the driving behaviour seriously. Under the influence of alcohol, the driver cannot steer the car effectively and very soon he begins to swerve.