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What Everybody Ought to know about Insuring your home with the Bank

Based on some research conducted today (February 23, 2015) a bank’s home insurance policy is far and away the most expensive way to insure your home.  Today, we did some price comparisons.  We chose a semi-detached home in County Dublin, owner occupied, claims free, standard construction, with smoke detectors and a monitored alarm.  We insured the buildings for €400,000 and the contents for €70,000.  The variation in quotations was amazing and the banks were the most expensive by a long shot.  Have a look at the results:

Insurance Company Premium €273
FBD* €411
AA €491 €500
Liberty Insurance €524
Bank of Ireland €579
Permanent TSB** €619
No Nonsense €678
AIB €785


Two of the Institutions surveyed are running special offers.  The premiums quoted above include the benefits of the special offers.

*FBD are running a special offer this month and giving 2 months free insurance as well as a 10% discount if you complete online.  This means that your premium next year will increase to €547.67 if the rates and your sums insured remain the same.  It is interesting too that NoNonsense, which is another brand owned by FBD is quoting a whopping €619 for the identical risk.

**Permanent TSB are also running a special offer giving 4 months free insurance for the first year.  This means that next year, the premium will increase to €927.84.

While we were at it, we sought prices from some of the direct insurance companies that are not selling insurance through the banks.  You will see that they too charge high premiums when compared to that of a Broker such as

Here is a Method That is Helping Homeowners Save Hundreds of Euro on Insurance

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It is easy to move your house insurance from your bank.  Once we have talked to you about your home insurance needs and you have agreed on the best value policy for your house, we can incept your policy and issue a schedule of insurance directly to you and to your bank.  This new home insurance schedule will note your bank’s interest and this is all that your bank requires from you.

Get rid of Expensive Home Insurance for Once and For All

Every year, one month before your renewal date we will search the market to see if there is a better value home insurance product available for you and that might suit you better and save you some money.  We will do this every year as well as engaging with you in a meaningful way to ensure that your sums insured are correct and up to date and that you are getting the benefit of all possible discounts available to you.