Can I Get Car Insurance if I Have a Non-Motoring Conviction?

Caeva O'Callaghan | July 17th, 2023

Being convicted of a non-motoring offence will mean you do things a little differently from now on. But will you still be able to get car insurance?

Yes, you can. However, getting car insurance while you have a conviction – non-motoring or otherwise – may be slightly harder than for someone with no record.

Here at, we have access to three insurance companies that will provide quotes for drivers with a non-motoring conviction.

In this article, we’ll cover the following questions:

If you’ve had trouble with the law in the past, it’s probably best to give us a ring. Our friendly experts have experience in this area, and will be happy to help.

Do non-motoring offences affect my car insurance?

As long as your conviction doesn’t impair your ability or legality to drive, you will still be legally allowed on the road and will need car insurance. However, no matter if your conviction is in relation to motoring or non-motoring offences, getting insurance will be a different process than for someone with a clean record.

Specialist convicted driver insurance is available for drivers who have been convicted or who have open claims. Don’t worry, we can help find you the best car insurance in these circumstances.

Some car insurers will only want to know about convictions that you have received within the last five years. Others will need to know about convictions within the last 10 years. Yet more insurance providers will turn you down if you have ever had a conviction, motor-related or not.

We have access to special insurance markets for people who have non-motoring (criminal) offences, but we will need to know all of the details of your conviction, including what happened in court, whether you received a fine or spent time in prison.

How do I get car insurance with a prior conviction?

Your first step is to give us a call. You won’t be able to access the best prices with online tools or by contacting many insurance providers directly, as having a conviction puts you in a specialist niche. Our experts have years of experiencing helping those with prior convictions get the very best price for their car insurance, so your best option is to ring us today.

What we need to know is:

  • The offence you were charged for
  • When you received the conviction
  • What happened in court
  • Any fines or penalties you received
  • Whether you served time in prison, and if so, how long

The more details you give us the better. Once we have all the information we need, we get back to you with a quotation within 24 hours.

Do I need to tell my car insurance about a conviction?

If you have a criminal conviction for any kind of offence – motoring or non-motoring – you will need to tell your car insurance company as soon as possible.

If you hide your convictions from your insurance provider, this can create a lot of problems later on. It’s much better to be upfront and honest with your insurer: if you find out that your monthly premiums or cover has changed too much for your liking, get in touch and we can help you shop for a new one.

Any convictions spent under the Criminal Justice (Spent Convictions and Certain Disclosures) Act 2016 do not need to be disclosed. Further information on spent convictions is available on Or, you can check with your local Garda station if your conviction is considered spent under the Criminal Justice Act 2016.

Need more information on car insurance with convictions?

Got any more questions for us? If you have a conviction and are worried about your car insurance, we can help you get back on the road. Give us a phone and talk to our friendly experts today.

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