DIY disasters that can impact on your house insurance

Beware of DIY – 4 tips to avoid invalidating your home insurance policy

A recent Daily Express article has highlighted the perils of DIY. Although more and more people are carrying out DIY jobs on their homes, it appears that fewer people are actually capable of carrying out even the most basic repairs. Such people should be advised to stay well away from DIY adventures. There are several ways to avoid invalidating your home insurance policy:

  1. Insurance experts say that unless you call in the professionals to ensure gas, electrical, plumbing or structural work meets safety and building regulations, you risk invalidating your home insurance policy if things go wrong.
  2. One major culprit is online DIY tutorials, which give people false confidence that they can embark on jobs that are more complicated than they seem. It is estimated that half of the people who have caused costly damage to their property with poor DIY forgot to check their home insurance policy to see if they are covered for accidental damage.
  3. In the era of price comparison sites, many standard policies do not automatically include cover for accidental damage. It is worth spending a little extra to be covered against DIY mishaps.
  4. Many experts say that we should avoid the temptation to do things ourselves. Hiring a reputable workman may work out cheaper and better.