Some Simple Tips to Keep Your Garden Safe – and Your Home Secure

Caeva O'Callaghan | September 6th, 2023

Your garden can be your pride and joy… but it can also be a weak spot when it comes to security. If you don’t keep your garden secure, opportunistic burglars can easily spot opportunities for a break-in.

Luckily, there are solutions that can keep your garden, and your home and loved ones, safer. Not only will this give you peace of mind, it might also save you money on home insurance.

In this article, we’ll cover questions like:

  • How can I keep my garden secure?
  • Does my garden affect my home insurance?
  • How can I deter thieves in my garden?

Make the garden difficult to get into

Access is key to any would-be burglar, so improve your fence or perimeter to make your garden an unsavoury prospect. Add trellis on top, or grow thorny bushes like holly below.

Check for gaps in fences and replace any broken or missing panels. If you have hedges, fill gaps with sufficient plants and secure the hole with a fence panel or wire before they mature. This will not only prevent thieves from easily accessing your garden, but will also demonstrate you’re around enough to maintain it.

Don’t forget your gate. Shut and lock it when you’re out, and consider fitting a padlock for extra security.

And be aware, boundaries are a common cause of bickering when it comes to neighbours. If you want to alter a fence, always be courteous and ask first. If the fence is shared or on their property, invite them round for a cup of tea to discuss any security concerns before you start.

Lock up valuables

Invest in a shed if you haven’t got one already, and secure it with a good padlock or keyless entry. Store away all your tools and furniture when you’re not using them. Also, and lock up anything that burglars could use for gaining entry, such as wire cutters or ladders.

Never store any valuables in greenhouses – they’re see through! This goes double for lean-to greenhouses, where thieves may have easy access to a window.

If you store your bicycle, barbecue, lawnmower, or other large items outside, consider bringing them into the garage. If you don’t have one, you can purchase lockable storage big enough to fit even ride on lawnmowers. They’re often made of durable plastic, so it’s worth investing in a good lock and keeping them close to the house.

Keep your plants safe

Yes, people steal plants. If you’re in an area where horticultural theft is a problem, you may need extra measures.

Buy hanging basket locks, and choose heavy and awkward pots for your patio. Establish young plants in a greenhouse or sunny windowsill before you plant out. It’s easy to pluck out new bedding plants bought from a shop – you’re better off growing them from seed so a bigger root system can form, making them harder to uplift.

Don’t forget about small garden ornaments like gnomes, statues and fountains. Just because they may be cheap to replace doesn’t mean they’re not of sentimental value – and if a thief succeeds once, they might pop back for more.

Check your overall home security

Often, the part of your home that faces your garden is the most important part of keeping your property safe. If you can afford one, install a smart security camera with motion detection. Some ask you to pay a subscription to store the footage, which will be worth it if you’re the victim of a crime.

Ensure your walls are non-scalable, and that thieves can’t easily climb their way onto a balcony or ledge. Always lock French doors and balconies, especially at night or while you’re out – even if you think they’re difficult to access, you can be sure that seasoned pros will find a way.

An automatic outdoor light can do wonders for home security. Burglars need the cover of darkness, so a pool of light triggered by motion is an excellent investment. If you’re on a tight budget, even a dummy light or fake security camera can help.

It’s hard to believe some thieves actually target plants, gnomes, and other small garden items. Thieves will target the unlikeliest objects – from the fish in your pond to benches and swing sets. Garden theft is inconvenient, upsetting, and often costly.

Protect your outdoor space – you won’t regret it.

Impact on Home Insurance

Your Home Insurance policy should factor in the replacement cost of sheds, outhouses and greenhouses to your building sum insured. You should also add the replacement cost of fences, hedges and gates to your buildings. Garden furniture and tools are considered part of your contents and should be included under this section. Most insurance companies limit the amount they will pay for the theft of garden furniture and tools.

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