Second Car Insurance in Ireland – How to Insure Your Second Car

Caeva O'Callaghan | December 16th, 2019

Second Car Insurance in Ireland – How to Insure Your Second Car

So you have a second car and wish to get second car insurance. This is very straightforward.

You need to take out a separate car insurance policy to cover your second car.

Multi-Car Insurance Process

However, you can only insure one car per policy. Because of this, you can only use one no claims bonus per policy.

As a result, you must have two no claims bonuses if you are insuring two cars. If you are taking out second car insurance for the first time you will have zero no claims bonus on your second car.

No Claims Bonus Second Car Insurance – One Per Car

Unfortunately, you cannot use your no claims bonus on your second car. So, when you are insuring a second car for the first time you start a zero no claims bonus for your second car. You then build this up on the second car over time.

Benefits of Having Second Car Insurance

You can get the same benefits as the car insurance policy you have on your first car such as breakdown assistance, European cover, step back no claims, windscreen cover.

How to Get Cover

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