Going Keyless? These Are The Most Popular ‘Smart’ Locks On The Market Right Now

Caeva O'Callaghan | January 7th, 2020

Forever forgetting your keys? Or just want to secure your home in the most tech-savvy way possible?

You may want to consider a smart or keyless lock – a modern innovation that keeps your home safe from intruders and puts you ahead of the curve. And just like your alarm system, it’s always important to confirm with your Home Insurance broker that the lock you are buying is acceptable to your Home Insurer. Do this before installing – not after!

Smart locks offer a range of benefits when it comes to security, such as advanced access settings, facial recognition, monitoring activity on your doorstep while you’re away, and – most importantly of all – negating the need for a spare key in a fake rock (or even worse, under the mat).

Here’s a few products to get you started.

August Smart Lock Pro

The Smart Lock Pro from August is a great smart lock to test the waters, but will still provide formidable security to most homes.

It works with your existing deadbolts, so it’s easy to install even for a novice. This lock provides secure entry via unlimited virtual keys, and it’s up to you who you share these keys with: friends, family, neighbours, and you can even create temporary keys for ten minutes or so to let in the delivery guy or pet sitter.

The August phone app is intuitive and easy to use, and comes with a lifesaving auto-lock feature that keeps your home safe on the go. It’s not as cheap as some of the models listed here, but the August Smart Lock Pro is a solid choice.

Schlage Sense

You may not have heard of Schlage, but this brand is a time-tested favourite in the world of smart locks.

While it doesn’t come with many bells and whistles, this lock offers a minimalist solution with exceptional security. The Schlage Sense will allow you to review who comes and goes from your property, and whether they use a PIN number or a key. It also looks really nice on your door.

There’s a physical override for emergencies, which is an important feature missing in a lot of its competitors, and its method of fuss-free keyless entry makes it perfect for those with a holiday home or who rent out their property on Airbnb.

Ultralock ULC

This is a sleek, modern smart lock which offers access to your home via smartphone app, code or fingerprint as well as a physical key for emergencies. It has a swish “knock to open” feature, which lets you tap your phone to the lock to get in.

This lock has up to 95 codes, which can be 4-7 digits long for extra protection. The fingerprint sensor is quick but not always reliable, which can be a problem in the rain or if you’re juggling a lot of shopping. It also has a very good battery life, and is painless to install.

Yale Conexis L1

The granddaddy of locks and security systems gives us a strong contender in the smart lock game with the Conexis L1. Sleek and aesthetic, it comes in five colours to suit any door, old or modern.

Installation is straightforward, but not the most intuitive on this list. You’ll get to send virtual keys to friends and family you trust, as well as time-limited keys restricted to a certain schedule, for pet-sitters or cleaners.

It’s a solid solution if you know a little more about installing smart locks than your average man on the street.

Yale Keyless

Another option from this trusted lock company is an advanced lock with a ton of options.

It looks simple, but is deceptively powerful. The Keyless comes equipped with touchscreen PIN access, as well as key card, key tag, remote fob, and app entry.

Neatly designed and easy to install with a built-in tamper alarm, incorrect pin code alert and bank level encryption, the Keyless will keep you safe as houses.

What smart lock you choose depends on your type of property and how you use it: if you have a large family who need to come and go, if maintenance needs temporary access, if you feel safe with a PIN entry or prefer fingerprints.

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