Does Car Insurance Cover Me If I Crash?

Caeva O'Callaghan | March 20th, 2024

I Crashed Into A Corner House On A Country Road – Will My Car Insurance Pay For The Damage To The Car And House?

An accident can happen in a split second, and everyone wants to think their car insurance will be there for them in a time of need. But if you crash into a house, will your car insurance be able to cover the claim?

It will definitely cover the cost of repairs and renovations to the house. Whether or not your insurance will cover the damage to your car, however, depends on if you have comprehensive cover.

It’s not always immediately obvious what kind of cover you’re buying for yourself and your vehicle. So, when it comes to purchasing car insurance, it’s best to give us a call in advance so we can help sort out the right cover for you.

In this article, we’ll cover topics like:

  • I crashed into a house – will my car insurance cover it?
  • My house was damaged by a passing vehicle, how do I make a claim?
  • What does third-party liability mean?

Weather conditions, dangerous driving and windy country roads can all contribute to property damage as a result of vehicle collision. Here’s what to do if the worst happens.

Ensure everyone is safe – and don’t admit liability

Your first priority is the safety of yourself and others. When you crash your car into a house, the damage might be catastrophic, especially if you were going at speed.

If the accident involves injuries, you are required by law to report the incident to the Gardai (or local police) as soon as possible, but never longer than 24 hours after the accident. But if there is only minor damage and no injury, you do not need immediate Garda attendance at the scene. Make sure that the road is not being obstructed by your car or debris, as far as you are able. If you cannot move obstructions, place reflective triangles if available or use lights to warn other vehicles.

As long as everyone is unharmed, move away from the site of impact. This is to avoid falling debris and further complications.

If no one has an injury, or after things are calmer, make a note of the registration number of all vehicles involved in the accident. Use your phone to take as many pictures as possible. Exchange names and addresses with anyone who has reasonable grounds for asking you for your details.

The most important thing to remember is this: do not admit liability for the accident. Even if you think it is your fault, do not admit it. This is a condition of your car insurance policy, and your claim will be void if you admit fault.

Third Party Liability cover

While car insurance covers several different situations, the most important is the liability cover to third parties and property owned by third parties. Third Party Only (TPO) is the minimum cover you need to operate a vehicle. This means as long as you have car insurance, you’ll have cover for the damage to the house you crash into.

The second tier of car insurance is Third Party, Fire and Theft. Still, none of these will help you out if you crash into a house. To fix the damage to your car and get back on the road, you’ll need comprehensive cover.

Comprehensive car insurance covers Third Party, Fire and Theft, plus accidental damage to your vehicle and to your windscreen. Comprehensive insurance can even protect your no claims bonus in some cases.

This is why it’s a good idea to pay a little more for comprehensive, even if you think you’ll never use it. You just never know what might happen.

Telling your car insurance provider

Notify your car insurance company of the accident within 48 hours. Your insurance company will send you an accident report form which you must complete and return to your insurance company as soon as possible.

You need to notify your insurance company if you receive notice of any prosecution or if other parties will face prosecution as a result of the accident.

You need to send all correspondence from third parties, their insurers or representatives to your insurance company without delay. Do not respond to any of this correspondence – this is what your insurance company does for you.

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