Commercial Van Insurance – Same Trend as Celtic Tiger

Caeva O'Callaghan | September 6th, 2018

In August this year, the Ulster Bank Purchasing Managers Index showed 59 straight months of an increase in construction activity and a significant surge in July. This means that more and more tradespeople are at work, and consequently, on the road. The demand for commercial van insurance has followed suit.

More Vans on the Road

Just look at the M50, M1 or M6 any day of the week and you will see many more vans on the road.

Have you recently tried to get a plumber or electrician in the last while? Most of them are booked up for two months solid.

With this surge in construction activity, we have also seen an increase in Van Insurance Quotes.

We are seeing this expansion in three areas:
1) Fleet Insurance from companies putting more vehicles on the road.
2) Tradespeople who left their trade for a number of years returning as a result of a surge in demand.
3) Tradespeople who left the country during the recession now coming back and starting up their business again.

Commercial Van Insurance – 2006 All Over Again

As O’Callaghan insurance, we were front and centre during the Celtic tiger.

The trends we see today for Van Insurance quotes are almost identical to what we experienced during the Celtic Tiger.

Van Insurance Tips

When looking to get the best cover at the best price for Van Insurance you should talk to an insurance advisor.

You should ask your broker to find a tailor-made plan just for you.

Get an insurance broker to tailor a van insurance quote for you

You can save on your monthly business outgoing with the right policy.

However, it is important that how to have the right level of cover. Getting this right is the key to making significant savings on your commercial van insurance policy while keeping the cover that you need.

We have many years of experience helping electricians, plumbers and builders get the right cover at the best price.

Although times may be picking up for the trades, managing expenses is still important.

Talk to us today to see if you can make savings on your van insurance.


All Information in this post is accurate as of the date of publishing.