Car Hire Excess Insurance

By insuring you, and not the car – we save you money

Anyone who has ever rented a car in Ireland or overseas knows that car hire excess cover can be a minefield. Many people find themselves paying for this cover twice – once when they book the car, and again when they collect the car. Taking out a Car Hire Excess Insurance policy solves this problem.

Car Hire Excess - Overview makes sure that everything is much simpler and much smoother. Instead of insuring the car rental vehicle, we insure you, the Policy Holder.

So instead of buying excess cover when you book or collect your car, you can now purchase excess cover from in advance for as little as €2.99 per day. We also offer an annual policy from €52.99 overseas, and a little more for inside Ireland.

Daily and Annual Cover

You have the option of selecting either daily cover from €2.99 per day or annual cover from €52.99 per year.

Why Do You Need Car Hire Excess Insurance

When you rent a car insurance covering damage to the car and theft is usually included in the car rental price. You may see these as the Collision Damage Waiver and Loss Damage Waiver in your documentation.

However, the excess you have to pay if something unfortunate happens is quite high. You have the option of upgrading your insurance to reduce the excess when you pick up your car but this can be quite expensive.

For a little as €2.99 per day, you can get car hire excess cover from us.

Car Hire Excess Insurance - What Happens When You Incur Damage

Hopefully, you won’t incur any damage to your rented car. But if you do, the car rental company will charge your credit card for the excess amount, and you will then be able to claim from the insurance company for reimbursement.

Car Hire Excess Insurance - Summary:

  • Excess cover when you hire a car overseas
  • Excess cover when you hire a car in Ireland
  • From as little as €2.99/day and €52.99/annual
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How to Get Car Hire Excess Insurance

There are three ways of getting a Car Hire Excess Insurance quote from us:

  • Online
  • If you prefer talking to someone on the phone instead of getting a quote online, please call us on 0818 22 44 33
  • You can also order a “call me.” We will call you back at a time that suits you, and we will patiently explain to you what options are available.
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