If you run a courier business, standard van insurance may not be enough

Running a courier business? Standard van insurance may not be enough

By definition, a courier business delivers goods that belong to other people. If you run a courier business, whether you’re a one-person Man (or Woman) with a Van or you run a fleet of delivery vehicles, regular car or van insurance policies may not be enough for your needs. You cannot afford to miscalculate when it comes to obtaining adequate cover.

Make sure you explore the cover you are being offered very carefully. Courier vans need goods in transit insurance. You do not want to be held liable for what you are carrying in your courier vehicle, so make sure you have adequate cover. This is not just for your benefit. Customers will be more likely to entrust you with their business if they know you are fully insured.

The courier business is very time sensitive, so you should have breakdown assistance so that you never let your customers down. Courier vans that travel outside of Ireland should have European cover.

Is courier van insurance more expensive? Yes.

But consider the alternatives.