Reasons to invest in a luxury car

The luxury car market is fast growing to suit the need of the prospective clientele. The car buyers who are on the lookout for luxury cars are emotionally connected with a particular brand which highly determines how they feel. A luxury car is much more than prestige.

The plush interiors and the choice of customization make luxury cars popular. When you drive a luxury car, you can be assured of greater safety. Driving a luxury car is associated with a higher status which indeed adds to the worth of a luxury vehicle.

Revealing a steady growth

In May 2015, the group marketing director of the British brands, Phil Popham has said that there is plenty of growth potential for brands that produce premium vehicles at premium prices. With the world becoming more affluent, the affluent people are becoming more brand savvy. It is not surprising to note the steady growth of luxury cars.

A significant section of manufacturers are selling in market segments where they have not competed in. The brands which have been competing in the luxury car segment include BMW, Mercedes Benz and Audi.

Ensure perfect pick

If you can afford it, a luxury car is what you should own. Not only does it help meet your aspirations but leads to a sense of satisfaction as well. Narrowing down on an exotic car can be slightly challenging. As you walk into a showroom, ask to be educated about the models which interest you. Gather an insight into the brands, the maintenance plans and the gearing options. After you have finally decided on the car, ask for a test drive.

Worthy investment

A luxury car is the perfect blend of matchless beauty and unparalleled quality. Offering comfort, beauty and technical benefits beyond compare, the deluxe car makers are well-known for their precision in manufacturing, for innovations in style and luxury. It needs mention that a luxury car comes pre-equipped with a better resale value. High resale value is a prime consideration for buyers who have plans of investing in luxury cars. With a label of luxury and a touch of panache, deluxe cars are worth the money which is shelled out.

Insuring the luxury car in Ireland

After you have finalized on the purchase do not forget to consider luxurious car insurance in Ireland. If you shop for car insurance online, do not forget to set some time aside for comparison shopping. Compare the car insurance quotes in Ireland so that you strike the best deal.

Changing your Home Insurance – Easier than 123!

It is so easy to change your home insurance broker or company and it can be done at any time during your insurance year. Since most house insurance policies don’t accumulate a no claims bonus, you don’t even have to wait until your home insurance policy is due for renewal.

How to change your home insurance in 123 steps:

  1. Call us on 0818 22 33 44 and our friendly, qualified professionals will run your details through our quotation system and give you’re the various quotes from ten different insurance companies.
  2. Choose the home insurance policy that suits you the best. Our professional staff will be able to give you advice on the various different policies and help you customise the best policy and cover for the lowest price.
  3. Buy your chosen home insurance policy from and save yourself a bundle of cash. Instruct your previous insurer or bank to cancel your policy.

House Insurance – the different components – as easy as 123:

Buildings Insurance

Buildings can be insured for fire only, fire and perils or for “all risks”. Fire only cover is generally provided if the house is vacant for 2 months or longer. Most policies are written on a fire and perils basis and the list of perils covered is quite extensive.

  • Fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake
  • Smoke
  • Storm or flood
  • Falling trees or branches
  • Falling aerials, masts, satellite dishes or security cameras
  • Impact by an aircraft, road or rail vehicle or animals
  • Subsidence, heave or landslip
  • Leaking or overflowing of water or oil
  • Trace and access to find the source of any oil or water leak
  • Loss of oil
  • Riot, civil unrest, vandalism or malicious acts
  • Breakage of glass
  • Accidental damage to service pipe, cables and underground tanks which service your home.

Contents Insurance

Contents are also insured for all of the above perils. Some policies are written on an accidental damage basis. This means that accidents to your contents are covered. Examples would include dropping a cup of tea over your laptop or a stray ball breaking the television or a Waterford glass lamp. The most important additional peril that is added to home contents insurance is theft cover. Theft cover is an important cover but there are a couple of things to watch out for when arranging your home insurance policy.

Most Home Insurance Companies allow discounts if you have a house alarm and a larger discount if your alarm system is connected to a central station. If you do not activate your alarm system every single time you leave your house (even if you are just running down to the shop) then I would think seriously whether you should avail of the alarm discount. The reason is that some insurance companies will avoid paying a theft claim if you do not have your alarm activated.

All Risks Insurance

All risks insurance is the most expensive component of your home insurance policy. You add all risks cover to specified items and they are covered for all risks everywhere in the world. Most people insure jewellery, watches, golf clubs and cameras for all risks.

Liability Insurances

Home Insurance Policies cover public, and personal liabilities as well as liability to domestic employees.

Now you know about all of the components that make up a house insurance policy, give us a call on 0818 22 33 44. Our qualified, professional and friendly team will talk you through the various policies and help you decide which policy suits you the best and at the lowest cost.

Changing your Home Insurance – it’s as easy as 123.

Overcome The Hazards of Driving with Fatigue

A survey revealed that 40% of Irish adults have experienced driver fatigue at some point of time in a given year. Studies show that sleep can impair driving as much as alcohol. According to the American Automobile Association, in every six traffic accident, one is caused by drowsy driving. It is a shocking revelation that at least a quarter of the drivers have reported finding it difficult to keep their eyes open when they have been behind the wheels. Chances of dozing off are higher when you are driving long distances at night. By now you must be wondering what to do to stay awake and keep driving.

Symptoms to look out for

Most importantly, tiredness and fatigue can affect your driving much before you realize it. The crashes related to fatigue are more severe as in most cases as the driver’s responses are delayed as he fails to maneuver on time towards safety. Be aware of the symptoms of fatigue while driving which include heavy eye-lids, yawning frequently or varying the speed of your vehicle for no specific reason. A study conducted recently reveals that driving 80 minutes constantly without a break can increase the danger of the motorists on the road. Further, it has been found that drivers who take more frequent brakes react faster than those who do not beak up long journeys.

Eat to stay awake

One of the easy ways is to keep your taste buds awake and drink an energy drink. A tangy food like lemon can help you to stay awake and avoid accidents. You can consider a cup of coffee which contains caffeine and will help you to stay awake. It is wiser to avoid sugar which can lead to drowsiness and lead to brain fog. One of the best ways to refresh yourself is to wipe your face and neck with a wet cloth fragranced with cologne.

Tips you should not overlook

Before you start a long journey, decide before hand where you want to stop. You should give yourself ample time to reach your destination and schedule regular breaks. The best way to avert the risks of fatigued driving is to share the driving during the journey. More so, inside the car, adjust the temperature of your air conditioner to a degree lesser than which you are most comfortable in. This will keep you awake and prevent you from dozing off at the wheels. Apart from this, you should adjust the driving seat to an upright position such that the base of your wrists are touching the top of the steering wheel.
As the last word, choose a car insurance that provides a comprehensive cover for all injuries, losses and fatalities. Compare car insurance on all parameters (aside price) before zeroing on one. Although sleeping behind the wheels is not illegal, but driving in fatigue with your eyes half-closed equals driving with an impairment. Let this blog be a wakeup call for you and turn you into a more alert driver.

Traveling With Your Furry Friend Has Never Been Simpler

Just like you, your pet needs to be buckled up when it is traveling. When you restrain your pet properly, you can prevent the hurt which is caused by a crash. Moreover you can stop your pet from flying forward once you buckle it up. Restraining the pet is important both for its safety and yours. No longer will your pet be a distraction when you are concentrating on driving. Today, harnesses come in various sizes which are easy to fasten and will fit your pet perfectly. For a comfortable fit make sure that the harness fits right.

Acclimatizing with travel

If you are unlucky, your pet might dislike traveling by cars. In that case, try to acclimatize it with travel till it is comfortable. Once it is familiar with the travel, chances of it running into stress will be lowered. Before embarking on a long trip, make sure that you visit the vet and administer all the necessary vaccinations to your pet, alongside look for a car insurance that provides a comprehensive cover for 24 hours break-down assistance. If you have plans of traveling across borders, obtain the most recent health certificate. Do get in touch with the government of the province you plan to visit, as requirements may vary from one province to another.

Carry all the essentials

During travel make sure that you are equipped with all the essentials. Carry ample supply of your pet food so that you do not have to stop frequently before your final destination to pick up pet-food. Most importantly, it is not a good idea to introduce your pet to a new brand when you are on the go. Other essentials you you must carry along include water, the toys which your pet is fond of and remains engaged with, bowls which he is familiar with, bedding and a litter box.

When you hit the road

Your pet may love to stick his head out of the window, but do not allow him to do so. It is not safe as your pet may be easily injured with the flying debris. Keep a close watch on your pet’s food intake and feed him to the minimum. Make sure that he is well hydrated during the trip. Groom your pet well ahead of time which will ensure a pleasant experience for everyone in the car. Furthermore, never leave your pet unattended in the vehicle. To sum up, the last piece of advice which we would like to throw in is book pet-friendly accommodations well in advance which offers your furry friend a comfortable stay.

Essential Child Car Safety Tips You Must Know

A survey on child car safety reveals some sobering facts. In 2011, in United States alone more than 650 children below the age of 12 years lost their lives in motor vehicle crashes. An alarming 33% of the children who died in the crash were not buckled up. The use of car seat reduced the risk of death for the infants by a sharp 71%. When booster seats were used, it reduced the risk of serious injury by 45% for children aged between 4 to 8 years. These statistics indicate the vital importance of buckling children properly in their car seats.

Exercise precaution

Know which safety precaution is ideal for your child after into take into consideration the stage they are in. Make sure that you install the car seats and the booster seats after consulting a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. You must not seat your children in front of an air bag. If your children are riding in the front eat, the detonation of the air bag can pose a serious threat. It is surprising to note the awareness gap which exists. Although 96% of parents believe that they have installed the child safety seats correctly, only a small 10% of the children are properly restrained.

Install the right safety seats

There are some common mistakes we make when installing child safety seats. Most of the times we do not use the child safety seat which is appropriate for the child’s size and age. Additionally, it is important that we place the seat in the right direction. Using a defective or a broken child safety seat can give rise to serious accidents and compromise your little one’s safety. It has been seen that using booster seats is safer for kids than restraining them with a seat belt alone. In addition to the safety measures, one should also take a car insurance that covers all third party from injuries, damages & roadside assistance.

Ensure that the kids are happy

Driving with bored and unhappy children can be very distracting. It can make it difficult for you to concentrate and drive safely. Take a little time out to chat while you drive. This will distract your child. Do not forget to point out of the window, ask your tot to sing along with you or recite his favorite nursery rhyme. It can help a great deal if you praise your child for exhibiting good car behavior. If he has not tried to wriggle out of the seatbelt or has not been playing with the locks, he deserves a praise during the journey for the great behavior. If you want to focus on your driving better, store mgnetic board games and coloring books in the back of the car.
It is recommended that you have a stock of goodies in your car which will keep your child busy. Double check to ensure that the seat belt has not been fastened too tightly which can cause discomfort to your child. Driving is a big responsibility and the risks are higher when you have a child with you in the car.

Am I Insured if my Dog Bites Somebody?

My dog bites somebody. Am I covered?

The simple answer is yes, if you have home insurance. Your home insurance policy will cover you, as owner or occupier for any amounts you become legally liable to pay as damages for bodily injury. In fact, this cover extends beyond the boundaries of your property. So if your dog escaped from your garden and bit somebody, or caused an accident resulting in bodily injury or damage to property, your household insurance policy would come to your assistance. One exception – all home insurance policies exclude dogs specified in regulations under the Control of Dogs Act 1986 or any amendments thereto.

A word of warning, if your dog bites somebody or causes an accident, report it immediately to your insurance company even if you don’t think a claim will arise.

Smart Steps to get Cheap Car Insurance

When you receive your car insurance renewal notice, it’s very easy and tempting to just go ahead and pay the premium and stick with the same insurer. That could be a costly mistake, because you might get a much better deal for cheap car insurance by switching car insurance companies.

If you find a premium that beats what you’re currently paying and you decide to change insurer, you need to be careful so you don’t end up with a gap in your cover. Follow these steps to a successful switch.

Shop around. The best time for checking out the prices offered by other insurers are when you move, when you buy a new car, or when you receive your car insurance renewal notice which will be at least 3 weeks before your due date.

Compare Car Insurance Rates Here

You should gather at least three different quotes. You will also want to know what is covered and what extras are included in a possible new policy. If you would prefer somebody do this research for you, Click here for an online quotation which checks the prices from at least 10 different insurance companies in Ireland.

The next step is to contact your current insurer who may be may be willing to fight to keep your business! It’s amazing how quickly some insurers offer competitive discounts when you threaten to leave. Many companies will try to match or beat a rival’s quote.

While you are talking to your current insurer check that you are getting all of the discounts you are entitled to. For example, you might qualify for discounts if you have another policy with the company, such as a second car, a van or your home insurance.

If you ultimately decide to move insurer, do consider taking all of your business with you. That way you will bet your new insurer’s multi-policy discount

Can switching car insurance cost you?

If you decide that changing your insurer is the right option for you then you need to find out if there are any penalties for cancelling your car insurance policy mid-term. This is very important if it is your first year with an insurer. Many insurers in Ireland charge “short period rates” if you cancel your policy before it expires at renewal date. Short period rates = expensive! So, if you are cancelling in the middle of the term, it is wise to check with your insurer to see whether you will get a full pro-rata refund or whether they will be charging you short period rates.

Investigate the new company. Check out an insurer thoroughly before signing on. Typically people go to the Ombudsman with complaints because of claims payments. You want to be sure other people are happy with the way they resolve complaints. You want to know if your claim is going to be paid. Is it going to be paid quickly or not? Is this an insurer that is likely to say it’s your fault if you’re in an accident?

Health Warning: Don’t sign on with an insurer just because it offers the lowest price. Some insurers offer great rates but sorry claims service.

Mind the gap. You want to make sure that there will be no gap in coverage as you change insurers. Don’t cancel your insurance before you have your new policy in place. It is a good idea to have something in writing from your new company before communicating your intentions to the old one.

Remember that there are no days of grace with a motor insurance policy. You must ensure that your new insurance policy starts before the old policy lapses automatically at renewal date. A lapse in insurance cover could lead to serious legal and financial challenges for you if you have an accident.

Open Driving vs Driving Other Cars

The Difference between Open Driving and Driving Other Cars

There seems to be quite a bit of confusion between “open driving policies” and a car insurance policy which allows driving other cars. I will attempt to explain both so that the differences become clear.

Open Drive means that a person can drive a car with the permission of the car owner. It is a really useful addition to have on your policy. Say you have relations visiting from overseas – they can hop in your car to run an errand or sight-see. The cover your have on your car insurance policy will apply to all drivers of your car, so if they have a tip and you have comprehensive cover, the damage will be insured under your policy. This could of course affect your no claims bonus so you should consider the driving ability of the person before you hand over the keys to the car.

There are different types of open driving. Full open driving is the widest type and means that anybody can drive your car with your permission as long as they have a driving license. Restricted open driving is normally like full open driving but between certain ages – normally 25 and 70 years of age. Sometimes, restricted open driving can also specify that the driver must have a full license or even a full European license.

Driving Other Cars is very different. If you, as a car owner and therefore a car insurance policyholder, have a Driving Other Cars extension (and most car insurance policies have this extension) it means that you can drive a car belonging to another person, with their permission of course. If you have an accident while driving this car, your own car insurance policy will cover the third party element of the claim and even the own damage element of the claim if the extension is “Comprehensive Driving Other Cars”. So from your point of view, it is better to be named on a policy when driving a car that belongs to somebody else rather than depending on your driving other cars extension from your own car insurance policy.

Is really MORE nonsense than a Standard Policy?

Contrast a Quote from with a Quote from

We were intrigued with the concept of building your own car insurance policy. Whether you really can get a cheaper car insurance quote by building your own, custom made car insurance policy. So we tried it.

Customer Details: Accountant working in Accountancy Practice, aged 37, full Irish license, 4 penalty points, full bonus driving a 2014 Toyota Yaris 1.0 Iona valued €10K, living in Louth and using the vehicle for social, pleasure & domestic as well as commuting to work.

No nonsense quotation for comprehensive cover including full bonus protection and a policy excess of €300 is €464.85. quotation for comprehensive cover including full bonus protection and a policy excess of €250 is only €390. Already €74 cheaper than the quote provided by No nonsense.

But the differences don’t stop there! Full bonus protection from means that you may have 1 unlimited claim during your year of insurance and your bonus remains intact. Full bonus protection from No nonsense means that you can have 1 claim with no more than €10,000 paid out in order to maintain your no claims bonus. This is a major difference between the two protected no claims bonus features. When people are injured in car accidents, the amount of the claim starts to accumulate very quickly. If you want to protect your no claims bonus, you need the protection offered by

No nonsense Build your own

We then tested the “Build your own” car insurance policy on the No nonsense website using the same details. The first thing we noticed that the cover automatically reduced down to TPO and featured a price of €307.40. The price is highlighted and is very low. However, this is only providing you with the absolute minimum cover to legally drive on the road. We clicked on the comprehensive button and the basic price increased to €399.76. So the price is already nearly €10 more expensive than the price offered by and this is before we add on the features that we may want. To add on step back no claims discount protection, add €33.69 or “full” protection (which we have already pointed out is inferior to that offered by add €63.18. To include driving other cars add €10.50, breakdown assistance adds €26.25 and to reduce your policy excess to €250 add another €9.24.



When we add all of the features to the basic No nonsense price, we end up with a premium of €508.93. Significantly more expensive than the price offered by and inferior full bonus protection cover offered by No nonsense.

Quotations done on June 12, 2014

Setanta Insurance Customers Please Read

We deeply regret the closing of Setanta Insurance and the impact that this is having on those customers of ours insured with the company.  We are also very sorry for the people who are employed by Setanta and whose job future is now uncertain, a sad time for them.

If you are one of our existing Setanta Insurance customers we are arranging cover with an alternate insurer on your behalf. We are ringing every customer who has provided us with a phone number – we need to speak to those who have yet to make contact with us to explain the cover options available.

Please phone us on 0818 22 44 33 to speak to us about your insurance, the sooner we place your business elsewhere and cancel your Setanta policy the sooner we can request a refund from Setanta for you.  It is uncertain the level of refund that Setanta will be able to pay; our sense is the sooner we cancel, the larger the amount that may be retrievable for you, but we cannot confirm at this time what refunds will be paid until we get further updates from Setanta.