Important Facts Which Revolve Around Air Bag Safety

A study conducted by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that frontal airbags have saved thousands of lives ever since this safety feature was made mandatory for all vehicles. However, today there are several questions which are being raised about the safety of these air bags. Although it is a safety device, adequate safety protection must be taken to minimize the risks which come with the deployment. It has been seen that air bags work best when the passengers are buckled in their seats. In simpler terms, air bags add to the protection which is offered by the seat belts.

Car Safety - Car Insurance Ireland
Car Safety – Car Insurance

Risks involved with air bags

To minimize the impact of a car crash, the air bag does its job by coming out of the dashboard at a high speed of 200 miles an hour. Thus, passengers who sit close to the deployed space of the airbag are highly susceptible to injuries. It is essential that passengers are rightly positioned in their respective seats and maintain a safe distance from the air bags. It is important to bear in mind that the explosive force of the deployment can cause serious injuries both to children and adults who sit too close to the deployed space.

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Car Safety – Car Insurance Ireland

Points to bear in mind

The tips shared below will help you to prevent injuries which are caused by air bags.

  1. If you are driving a car, it is recommended that you sit as far as possible from the steering wheel. Ideally, there should be 10 inches of distance between you and the center of the steering wheel.
  2. Risks are higher if you are short and unbuckled. Fatalities recorded have been higher when the driver is short, has sat close to the deployed space and has been driving unbuckled.
  3. Air bag safety investigation reveals that the safest place for children below 12 years is the backseat. Following an impact, an air bag may inflate with such force which may be strong enough to injure or kill the infants. Hence, make sure that if your toddler is traveling with you, he should be riding at the back
  4. When you decide to try a new vehicle, consider the safety features of the vehicle. Find out how the controls interact with the air bags to ensure maximum protection to the passengers in the car.

Decrease the number of deaths which are caused by air bags by educating yourself and consequently adopting the correct safety procedures plus having an effective car insurance that covers all party (driver, owner and traveler) would secure you and your loved ones.