Car Insurance if Using My Car as Food delivery Driver.

Caeva O'Callaghan | February 2nd, 2021

Car insurance for Food Delivery Service

Do I Need to Tell My Car Insurance That I Am Using My Car as a Food Delivery Service?

Getting a part-time job as a takeaway delivery driver can be a great way to earn a bit of extra cash. But do you need to tell your car insurance?

Yes – this is very important. If you change how you use your car on a day to day basis, you absolutely must tell your insurance provider. This is because the risks associated with your use of the vehicle will change.

It’s possible your insurance company may decline to insure you after they learn you’re now a delivery driver. Don’t worry, as you can talk to us to find an even better quote with a company who will be happy to take on the risk.

In this article, we’ll cover questions like:

  • I’m a takeaway driver, do I need specialist insurance?
  • Can I use my vehicle for business with my insurance?
  • How do I notify my car insurance about a change in use?

Any change in use must be notified to your insurance company as soon as you know the change is happening.

Car insurance and delivery drivers

To drive on the road legally as a fast food delivery driver, you require specialist insurance. At, we work to help clients to purchase the right cover for their business.

When you become a delivery driver, the use of your vehicle changes. You’ll be using it for business purposes, and it’s likely you’ll be using it a lot more than usual. You’ll also be transporting hot food in your car. All of these factors add up to greater risk to your vehicle.

Insurance companies don’t like the increased risks that come with being a delivery driver, no matter if you’re full time or part time. This means it’s possible that they will not continue to cover you and cancel your policy. But don’t worry, just get in touch with us because we have special markets that will cover your car for business use – including door to door delivery – as well as for personal, social, domestic and pleasure use.

Will my car insurance cost more?

Most likely, yes it will. Car insurance for delivery drivers, whether you’re part time or full time, often costs more than a standard car insurance policy.

The reason why is because of the associated risks. Often, as a delivery driver, you will face pressures that standard drivers probably wouldn’t. For example, as a delivery driver, you need to deliver the food you transport to hungry customers within a short time frame.

Would this affect the way you drive? We hope not. However, when you’re under pressure with your job and your employer’s reputation on the line, you may lapse into some less than ideal driving habits. It could also negatively affect the choices you make whilst you are behind the wheel.

In addition, delivery drivers often cover a large number of miles, despite working in a small area of the country, or even the city they live in. Those extra miles mean that you might be on the road longer than standard drivers, which automatically raises your risk factor. You may get tired while working, as well as facing additional risks such as driving at night or through icy and wintry conditions you wouldn’t otherwise normally.

What if I don’t tell my car insurer?

If you were to be caught driving without the proper insurance, you could face a driving conviction. You’d need to notify all future car insurance providers of your conviction, or face further penalties. Often, driving convictions increase the costs of your vehicle insurance, and many insurers refuse to insure drivers who have been convicted with motor-related offences.

Not only that, if you drive while underinsured, any future claims may be rejected by your insurer. For example, if you were driving to deliver food, swerved to avoid a cat and crashed into a wall, you could end up with your insurance cancelled. It would happen because your insurer had no idea you would be using your car for that purpose.

This means you would have to pay to fix the damages to your vehicle and the wall that you hit, not to mention the food that got ruined. Cancelled insurance policies also, often mean the cost of your future insurance can increase.

If you hit another person, this gets even worse. You’d need to pay for damages to the other vehicle, and costs associated with any persons’ injuries including loss of earnings, compensation and even physical therapy.

So don’t risk it for a part-time job – make sure you update your car insurance. Just give them a call, and if you run into any problems, let us know and we can help. We are available between 8.30am and 5.30pm each weekday on 0818 224433 or 042 9359051 to help you with all your queries.